iPhone Idea: BBC iPlayer App

The BBC iPlayer has become a haven for people who occasionally miss there favourite TV Show or Radio Broadcast. The BBC luanched the iPlayer a few years ago, since then it’s become avaliable on the Ninteno Wii and the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch.
The interface is nice and easy to use as shown below it fits well with the iPhone design, however wouldn’t a native app be lot better?

BBC iPlayer

Using the familar design of the iPhone. the BBC could make a native app which does the same thing but without having to use Safari, it suprises me they have not already done such a thing. It would bring more people to the iPlayer and also could include many features of benefit to the user and the BBC.
Let’s say you like to watch Eastenders, however you work when it’s on and instead of manually having to check the iPlayer it automatically checks for your favourite shows and gives a notification a like the E-Mail App does.
Though I doubt Apple would alought this, let user’s download a copy of the show to there iPhone/iPod Touch like a Apple Movie Rental which will delete itself after it’s gone from the iPlayer. Allowing users who arn’t always in WiFi coverage to be able to enjoy there faveourite show.

(Tip: If you want to listen to your faveourite radio show but need to head out start streaming on WiFi and it will still stream once you’ve left the house over 3G or EDGE)

It could include a Genius like feature which reccomeneds shows you may enjoy and will overall intergrate better into the iPhone.


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