Release Dates

iTunes Release Dates (USA)

Criminal – July 12th 2016
The Angry Birds Movie 
– July 29th 2016
Meet The Blacks – August 2nd 2016

 iTunes Release Dates (UK)

Needs updating..

iTunes Release Dates (Russia)

Needs updating..

iTunes Release Dates (Canada)

Needs updating..

VOD (Korea)

X-Men Apocalypse – July 14th 2016

Other Releases

Central Intelligence – July 15th 2016
Purge 3 – July 15th 2016
Maggie’s Plan (BluRay Release) – August 9th 2016
Money Monster (Chinese VOD) – August 9th 2016

Updated: 12th July 2016 –  old dates removed, new dates added and more coming soon!

82 Responses to Release Dates

  1. adsf says:

    itunes date –
    Into the Forest – Jul 29, 2016

  2. Kiwi says:

    Anyone got a date for TMNT 2? Thanks in advance

  3. Will says:

    The Conjuring 2??

  4. Pickyournose says:

    has no one worked out daddy is cpg yet ?? dw459 son ??

    • boogie2988 says:

      The CPG thing was worked out long ago, mate, by all on here plus the other connection. Their the only ones who put that silly thing as a watermark on their encodes. But, the quality is good so who cares really? Not many i think

      • boogie2988 says:

        also, i really dont think it would be the ‘son’

      • dw459 says:

        i dont think its cpg. he is gone dead. poof.. my bet is its exclusive

      • boogie2988 says:

        Everyone knows its CPG just by the cocky NFOs and the sheer fact its tagged DADDY above all else. Also, Mothers Day HDCAM and Miracles from Heaven HD-TS, two fine examples, come under the ‘Exclusive’ name yet NFO states encoder as CPG. So, its really a CPG encode and ‘exclusive’ is probably who gets the actual source file that CPG uses which is why a few are also tagged with both names.

  5. Vigo The Butch says:

    seems a bit slow on the big movies atm, is it getting harder to record movies these days or is everything gone private?

  6. spadger says:

    The Secret life of Pets 1080p HD-TS x264 AC3-DADDY

  7. Racso says:

    Ghostbusters 2016 HD-TS x264-DADDY

  8. qpalzm_666 says:

    Its up on TD also…

    NFO says its an exclusive for TD

  9. DazzA says:


  10. where we at with meet the blacks… is it being capped i guess that is what u call it

  11. pomh says:

    i just imdb’d star trek 3 just for fun and its release dates and there’s one country where it’s being released july 2017 lol wow sucks for them, i guess

  12. shannan says:

    The Secret Life of Pets 2016 720P HDTS x264 HQ Hive-CM8

    • dw459 says:

      not cinavia removed. just confirm it also few comments at different site confirmed as well. however starting intro is fixed. rest is same re-encode.

  13. dw459 says:

    Ice Age Collision Course HD-TS out on SeeHD

    • Danind says:

      Bro i cant not downlaoded even watch it

      • dw459 says:

        well i am not surprised buddy its only says available to verified users. i have account there but still i cant see may be i dont have account privileges. well all those daddy leaks and dummy further vain re-encodes will have some effect for sure.

      • boogie2988 says:

        Why? Whats the point in doing it and not sharing it? That’s the whole point in this game isn’t it? So, they’ve done a file, then put it somewhere where most people cant even stream it, let alone download it, just to say ‘look what we have’ all because another group re-encoded something. What is the point in that? That just shows how one-minded they are and there not in it for the proper reasons which it to just get them out there for everyone to enjoy. I dont agree with anything other than the source file being named in ‘Staff Picks’ and such as in the Secret Life of Pets on IPT, especially when the source file, in my view, was better. So, i understand that. But, that’s no everyone else’s fault

      • dw459 says:

        i agree with you boogie 100%, but they are pissed off beyond anything, i don;t think you will see new release from them anytime soon. sometime staff is so biased that they took sides which really kills the fun. its STAFF vs group not other group vs group.

      • boogie2988 says:

        If it was me, i would just totally avoid that site completely. Thing is, re-encodes have always been around, and always will be. At least they gave credit for source, which was a problem not so long ago with other groups who never gave credit. VAiN have to live up to their ‘name’ and be, well, vain and claim to be the best. Don’t get me wrong, some cases they do a very good job and make them better, but, in my view, that file wasn’t it one of those cases. So, I do understand the issue when theirs goes on a ‘Top’ list when the original was better. However this is not just IPT and is wide spread with many sites who promote either their own encodes, or a ‘site’ friend/group encode above others. But, if it isn’t about getting the ‘hits’, or the ‘thanks’ and what ever else, then why would they care? As long as their getting it out there, then that’s what counts surely? Can i just say too, I never thought i would see the day that me and dw459 were on the same wave length. Mark the day, as history has been made a we have a breakthrough .. lol

      • dw459 says:

        thats what you and me wants. they dont see that way. have you ever download from chinese sites, why they watermark their stuff? and on that point i dont agree with you. if someone risking his ass to get releases out. he has FULL right to be at the top of every site, exception only if source has issues etc.. they tagged the upscale above not even real 720p lol. it clearly shows their are full of shit.

      • boogie2988 says:

        I don’t even know what part you ‘don’t agree’ with me on, as i don’t mention anything about that. Watermarks are simply to show who has done it, as it marks it as their source or file. This is not the issue here, and the issue is the fact it didn’t go on the ‘Top’ picks list. As i say, i agree it should have been, as the re-encode wasn’t better and was up-scaled, and therefore it shouldn’t have been there. But, this is not the first time its happened and its isn’t anything against the group specifically either. Every site will 99% of the time go for their own encode, whether its better or not, which i suppose is understandable as its their site so why promote another group? Or they will promote a site friend/group who as specific to that place. This has always gone on and happens on a daily basis and shouldn’t be taken as a personal thing. My point was why do they care that site done it?

      • dw459 says:

        it never happened before and that group is not their official, its not ET or RARBG so your examples does not fits in that situation.

      • boogie2988 says:

        I said friend/group and VAiN are a site friend who have been getting posted there, as well as other IPT related sites ie TD, for years. So, the example does fit as i didnt say they were a ‘site official’ group but was making a point of sites, like ET and RARBG, doing it even if a better one is available. Even though the VAiN one does have the markings, maybe it was because of the watermark spread throughout that caused it, as it is technically against the rules of that site and VAiN NFO does censor some of the name due to this. There could be many reasons why it wasnt, so to take the huff over it happening this once, as you say, is silly. It used to be about just getting them out there but its obviously not these days. Did anyone actually inquire as to why it happened?

  14. MrBungle says:


  15. spadger says:

    Meet.the.Blacks.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS will pass on this looks crap

  16. adsf says:

    Meet the Blacks 2016 1080p BluRay x264-GECKOS
    Meet the Blacks 2016 BRRip XviD AC3-EVO
    Meet the Blacks 2016 720p BRRip XviD AC3-RARBG
    Meet the Blacks 2016 BRRip XviD AC3-RARBG
    Meet the Blacks 2016 BRRip XviD MP3-RARBG
    Meet the Blacks 2016 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS
    Meet the Blacks 2016 BDRip x264-GECKOS

    Puerto Ricans in Paris 2015 LIMITED 1080p BluRay x264-GECKOS
    Puerto Ricans in Paris 2015 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS
    Puerto Ricans in Paris 2015 LIMITED BDRip x264-GECKOS
    Puerto Ricans in Paris 2015 BRRip XviD AC3-iFT

  17. Vigo The Butch says:

    watched the first 30 mins of gb and it was painful, bad joke after bad joke and the one who looks like egon is a annoying.

    • Dahom says:

      It seems like what happened to me with The Boss,
      I was excited about it, but then I was like “WHAAAT???”.
      I thought it’s gonna be a dark comedy movie,
      but it turns out it’s more like dramatic.

      • Vigo The Butch says:

        i will watch the whole of gb when the br is available, just so i can say i’ve seen it and it sucked.

  18. condor1334 says:

    Keanu 2016 1080p BluRay x264-DRONES

  19. Dahom says:

    ghostface, here you go, bro:)


  20. pomh says:

    star trek beyond ts on epidemz, going by the photos it looks really great.

    • spadger says:

      looks good but think its missing minutes about 15-20 minutes

    • pomh says:

      i think the frame rate is 25 i think it’s from a russian source, the running time on imdb is 120 including credits with 23.976 fps, at 25 fps the running time would be under 2 hours, probably 1 hr and 55 min including credits, it there’s 10 or more mins of credits the movie would be over a hundred minutes however i do think it may be missing some minutes. i hope not because it looks good, but it’s still early so another or more completed source may turn up.

      • ihulk181 says:

        saw star trek at movies yesterday was not bad at all. Heaps of sub titles so be careful if you want a good version as you will need them to make sense of the movie.

  21. mark says:

    Anyone know of a copy of the newest Korean vod of x-men with hardcoded English subs for non-English parts or where to get subs that will sync with EVO release. I’ve checked subscene and didn’t see anything. Thanks in advance.

  22. Voodoomagic says:

    Any word on ‘Just Desserts – The Making Of Creepshow’ blu ray dropping?

  23. spadger says:

    kat has ben shutdown really liked that site and used it a lot

  24. Nigel Martin says:

    Is there any other site similar to Kat. I can’t find a good one. I already know ipt so is there anything else

  25. Danind says:

    Kat is back

  26. I there an HDTC (Telecine) versions of “Ghostbusters” and “Ice Age: Collision Course”?

  27. Pickyournose says:

    Star Trek Beyond 2016 CAM UnKnOwN

  28. Dahom says:

    Now You See Me 2 aug, 23 russian source.

  29. Danind says:

    Skiptrace jackie chan movie is on direct tv

  30. Dahom says:

    Star Trek Beyond cam is out, and HD-TS is next.

  31. Dahom says:

    Skiptrace HD-TS is out

  32. Dahom says:


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