Release Dates

DVDScr’s Released

Fences – 2nd January 2017
Hidden Figures – 12th January 2017
Patriots Day – 12th January 2017
La La Land – 14th January 2017
Arrival – 15th January 2017
Hacksaw Ridge – 17th January 2017
A Monster Calls – 18th January 2017
Silence – 21st January 2017
Manchester By The Sea – 21st January 2017

BluRay Release Dates

Inferno – 24th January 2017
The Light Between Oceans – 24th January 2017
The Monster – 24th January 2017
Queen of Katwe – 31st January 2017
Boo! A Madea Halloween – 31st January 2017
Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back – 31st January 2017
Masterminds – 31st January 2017
Trolls – 7th February 2017
Almost Christmas – 7th February 2017
American Pastoral – 7th February 2017
The 9th Life of Louis Drax – 7th February 2017
Loving – 7th February 2017
The Edge of Seventeen – 14th February 2017
Arrival – 14th February 2017
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – 14th February 2017
Christine – 14th February 2017
Bleed for This – 14th February 2017
Priceless – 14th February 2017
Hacksaw Ridge – 21st February 2017
Bad Santa 2 – 21st February 2017
Manchester by the Sea – 21st February 2017
Moonlight – 28th February 2017
Doctor Strange – 28th February 2017
Shut In – 28th February 2017
Rules Don’t Apply – 28th February 2017
Moana – 7th March 2017
Incarnate – 7th March 2017
Jackie – 7th March 2017
The Eyes of My Mother – 7th March 2017
Man Down – 7th March 2017

iTunes Release Dates

American Pastoral – 24th January 2017
Almost Christmas – 24th January 2017
Loving – 24th January 2017
I Am Michael – 27th January 2017
Boo! A Madea Halloween – 31st January 2017
Arrival – 31st January 2017
Bleed for This – 31st January 2017
The Edge of Seventeen – 31st January 2017
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – 31st January 2017
Hacksaw Ridge – 7th February 2017
Manchester by the Sea – 7th February 2017
Moonlight – 7th February 2017
The 9th Life of Louis Drax – 7th February 2017
Doctor Strange – 14th February 2017
Bad Santa 2 – 14th February 2017
February – 16th February 2017
Miss Sloane – 14th March 2017
Certain Women – 14th March 2017
Neruda – 21st March 2017
Moana – 21st March 2017


Updated: 21st January 2017 –  DVDScr section updated, old dates removed.

101 Responses to Release Dates

  1. deepak1731 says:…
    on IPT..

  2. condor1334 says:

  3. malkom2014 says:

    Can anyone give me Hive-CM8 site link please?

  4. PowerMan says:

    another sweet release again

    Still patiently waiting for Rogue One, Moana and Sing.. anything else I will be waiting for the Web-dl or Blu-ray to drop…party On

  5. David says:

    How can you say that did you watch fences? Viola Davis gives an Oscar performance and Denzel we all know how good things o is he’s just fabulous, haven’t watched axle Ridge but I heard it’s powerful, manchester-by-the-sea Casey Affleck is unbelievable he will walk away with best actor just like you did the Golden Globe, FYI that just popped up on ExtraTorrent. screener season is not over yet it’s just taking a little bit we are still waiting on the movie l, Jackie and a few others.

    • shannan says:

      most people think its been a pretty shit year. Hacksaw ridge was crap seriously over hyped, Fences blah blah blah the black man only thing that film needed was KFC.
      Have not seen manchester by the sea so can not comment.

  6. promo says:

    Jackie 2016 DVDScr XVID AC3 HQ Hive CM8

    i heared its internal at hive site.

    • Preeti says:

      Why people report the things from hive site? That isn’t cool, it’s a private site and it’s sad that members from there don’t respect the rules, I’m ok with waiting for whatever he brings after its out of internal, he usually don’t keep internals for days, what difference make waiting hrs instead of days.. Hope he change and keep things for days or private for members only

      • juventinus says:

        Disagree with you my friend
        We want to know what movies will be released
        No problem for posting about releases
        No one complains or cares
        So don’t complain about this
        And respect for you

      • boogie2988 says:

        @juventinus: You dont agree because you are desperate. Things are kept internal at sites for reasons. These groups risk all to bring you these things for free. So, respecting the rules is little compensation to pay for access. You dont understand because you are an asshole, simple. Leaking information from a private site, can damage that site and lead to arrests. Who will you get your screeners off then if that group isnt around anymore?? Think before you write such bullshit again, eh! This person leaking the info is just as big an asshole, too.

    • juventinus says:

      Thanks promo so much

    • juventinus says:

      you know what you can explain you point of view without insults
      but saying bad words means that you are unrespectful person
      and thank you for what you insulted me with
      i will sy what i want
      you have absolutely no right to say anything to me

      • boogie2988 says:

        People like you who dont understand and just want the info is the reason so many people do it. If you were respectful and were patient and waited like everyone else, then these groups wouldnt be getting the info leaked and put at risk. Many people here have gave you advice and commented to you on this. Yet, here you are, still doing it

      • juventinus says:

        respect for all of you
        what i said is that promo tells us that the movie is next
        he doesnt mean to spread anything about the secret website
        which is by the way i dont know it and i dont want
        nothing else
        when manchester released i asked about new releases
        but unlike this i stopped requesting about them
        what bothered me is your insult

  7. condor1334 says:

    Bad Santa 2 (Uncensored) Web-DL on Epidemz not sure on audio

  8. Nox says:

    Manchester by the Sea 2016 DVDScr XVID AC3 HQ Hive-CM8

    *ON ET*

  9. promo says:

    Jackie 2016 DVDScr XVID AC3 HQ Hive CM8

  10. punisher68 says:

    any idea bout a doc strange screener????

  11. Do you guys think there is any chance we will get Allied now that the most of the movies are out?

  12. dan says:

    I cannot believe people are more bothered about Jackie than live by night :-/

  13. Jake Rockwell says:

    Everyone needs to watch Split. I saw it this weekend it’s brilliant movie.

  14. Big Chuck says:

    Wow really

  15. boogie2988 says:

    Monster Trucks 2016 HDCAM 700MB x264-CAT

  16. Mrb100 says:

    It cracks me up Monster Trucks 2016 HDCAM 700MB x264-CAT all silvers that other people have !!!! unknown are missing boat which is hilarious !!! Canal street yeeeer

  17. Vigo The Butch says:

    i was going to ponder whether hive has …… screener but i remember we weren’t supposed to mention it’s name.

    maybe i’ll just call it the scottish film, anyone think hive has it?

    if you don’t get what i mean. shame on you.

    • dw459 says:

      shame on you for asking such a easy question. i know what you mean…. its Rogue one. right?

      if not? then you should kill yourself already.

    • Mike says:

      @Vigo. nope. No screeners sent out for t2.. It will be popular in Ireland UK & Germany, but the Yanks wont get it. The first one only grossed 16m in the US. Cult Classic stuff though! Worth going to the flixx to see this weekend. Not released in US til March.

      And dw. Not everything revolves around R1 and your rants about nothing. There is a whole world out there.

  18. celloggyn says:

    xXx Return of Xander Cage (2017) Desi pre DvD Rip – X264

  19. dw459 says:

    sbraidley if you got lil time from removing my lol and lmao comments.
    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and moana dates are change.. fix them..

  20. Barry says:

    Hello everyone;
    Thanks CM8 for all those great movies;

    I got only one question – is there any chance that we will get Rogue 1 DVDSCR at some point ?

    Thank you very much.

    • DazzA says:

      The answer to that question is the same now as it always has been. There was a screener sent out so there is the possibility that it will leak but not guaranteed. The fact that hive have stopped asking for it in their nfos could mean that they have now got it, or just that they have given up trying to get it. So, as always, maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

    • dw459 says:

      i wrote really nice insulting comment for people who are still asking this question but Sigh, Ctrl+A and Delete.


      • juventinus says:

        may be it is his first time
        let everyone ask whatever they like
        what is the matter about insulting anyone asking about star wars????

      • lolm8wat says:

        because every year the screener season leads to people asking the same questions time after time after time and it becomes irritating. post after post of ‘plz star wars plz’ and it makes reading here to find out about actual releases a chore.

        but you’ll be back tomorrow with the same drivel so there we go.

      • juventinus says:

        no i will not ask anything
        i dont need your replys
        full of insults and harashment

      • lolm8wat says:

        cya 2morrow lad

    • reddrr says:

      I think it will pop up in some tme, because if i remember correctly interstellar was one of the last/if not the last that was leaked 2 years ago, and it was quite a big movie too. But thats not a guarantee.
      Hope i helped
      Sorry for my english

  21. dw459 says:


  22. foxforce5ive says:

    Manchester by the sea should be on the list now it’s been leaked…

  23. mark says:

    Live by Night 2016 HDCAM UnKnOwN

    Not really interested in this release but I am wondering if seeing this out will make hive want to release a screener quicker if they actually have it now.

  24. jonnyelm87 says:

    when is the sceener for jackie and live by night coming out?

  25. Lexra says:

    Live by Night 2016 HDCAM UnKnOwN

  26. jonnyelm87 says:

    I don’t want the damn cam I would like the sceener!!

  27. shannan says:

    what is unknown website?

  28. MrToke says:

    unknowns site still sign up lots of screeners internal

    sign up why you can

  29. MrToke says:

    Moana 2016 dvdscr – unknown

    on his site now with other goodies

    sign up free at

  30. jonnyelm87 says:

    the site is hard to get into!

  31. jonnyelm87 says:

    I try signing up didnt let me i did all the stuff it ask me to

  32. lolm8wat says:

    oh god we got another one, christ jonny chill

  33. jonnyelm87 says:

    calm down i can say whatever i want free of speech

  34. lolm8wat says:

    absolute spastic running amok

  35. proview says:

    Any news of doctor stranger on any of those websites… Korean, prefer no subs though… And I do see the Feb date for iTunes, just seeing if maby earlier

  36. spor says:

    I usually just come here for releases, I occasionally stay for the Boogie and DW show but this time of year this place is full of a whole new breed of fuckwits. Thankfully it’s only another week or so until they all disappear back to wherever they came from until next year.

  37. DeZ116 says:

    Please add these release dates, as well:


    Nocturnal Animals – 21st February 2017
    Allied – 28th February 2017
    Trespass Against Us – 28th February 2017


    Priceless – 24th January 2017
    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – 14th February 2017
    Allied – 14th February 2017
    Rules Don’t Apply – 14th February 2017
    Certain Women – 14th March 2017

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