Release Dates

BluRay Release Dates

X-Men: Apocalypse – 20th September 2016
The Purge: Election Year – 20th September 2016
Swiss Army Man – 20th September 2016
Ice Age: Collision Course – 27th September 2016
The Legend of Tarzan – 27th September 2016
Ghostbusters – 27th September 2016
Blood Father – 27th September 2016

iTunes Release Dates

I.T. – 20th September 2016
Alice Through the Looking Glass – 20th September 2016
The Legend of Tarzan – 21st September 2016
Ghostbusters – 22nd September 2016
Independence Day: Resurgence – 23rd September 2016
Miss Stevens – 23rd September 2016
Swiss Army Man – 23rd September 2016
Dirty 30 – 23rd September 2016
Goat – 23rd September 2016
Ice Age: Collision Course – 27th September 2016
The Infiltrator – 4th October 2016
The Great Gilly Hopkins – 7th October 2016
Nerve – 11th October 2016
Lights Out – 11th October 2016
Captain Fantastic – 11th October 2016
Finding Dory – 25th October 2016

Apologies in the delay in updating dates, approving and removing comments. Just finished off my masters degree so been very busy, but back to normal multi-day checks.

Updated: 20th September 2016 –  old dates removed, new dates added!

84 Responses to Release Dates

  1. Dahom says:

    Russia “Okko”:
    * Not Sure About Audio
    The 9th Life of Louis Drax – 30 September
    Captain Fantastic – 18 October
    Finding Dory – 25 October
    Sausage Party – 25 October

    China “VOD”:
    Finding Dory – 17 October

    Arab “iTuens”:
    Star Trek Beyond – 29 September
    The Possession Experiment – 11 October
    Snowden – 25 October

  2. ams says:

    Mechanic: Resurrection 2016 1080p HC HDRip-x264
    I cant find the source but its on the arabic p2p sites.

  3. Topdog1999 says:

    judging by the subs underneath I think original source is Korean maybe

  4. thevicar says:

    Mechanic: Resurrection.2016.1080p.HC.HDRip.x264-FEWAT

  5. MrBungle says:

    Complete Unknown 2016 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO

  6. spadger says:


  7. Peter says:

    Independence Day Resurgence 2016 Bluray 1080p DTS x265-iHD
    Is it real “BLURAY”source??It is weird.

  8. Peter says:

    Is “Independence Day Resurgence 2016 Bluray 1080p DTS x265-iHD” a real “BLURAY”source??

  9. deano78 says:

    How come we get shit films but we don’t get good ones like hell or high water

    • Mike says:

      UNGRATEFUL You don’t deserve any film FREE. If you want cinema release go cam it and share it with us all.

    • boogie2988 says:

      It may not be out in the places the CAMs come from, or it may not be coming out there. Not every single movie appears as soon as it hits cinemas you know. You try and CAM it and share it about if it bothers you so much. This is all about patience and just hoping the one you want shows sooner rather than later.

      • dw459 says:

        its internal at hivecm8 site

      • deano78 says:

        Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for the film’s we get just want to watch this one

      • pomh says:

        @dw459 does that mean, on that site, the movie has english studio audio?

      • boogie2988 says:

        pomh, dont believe him. Do you think someone who has such hatred for the group would be on their site, if they even have one? I wouldnt have thought so given ‘his love for CPG’, and the fact he doesnt comment about any other group unless its something of a bash, let alone promote a movie that another group has. I very much doubt there is one of these anywhere at all, unless someone (cough) is playing God with it and keeping for themselves as they normally do

      • dw459 says:

        @pomh yes bro thats right they are sitting on it and since boogie2988 is hive’s gay partner he know very well and they are trying to hide that but we got it.. its matter of time when someone gonna leak from their site…. pomh they are greedy bastards they dont want us to enjoy… and boogie2988 always defend if anyone say anything critic against hivecm8 so i am pretty sure he is involved in the group and i am sure he is one of the gay.
        you should release boogie.. instead of siting on it like a chicken on egg…

      • boogie2988 says:

        I am sure if Hive do have a site someone on here will be on there and can discredit your usual bullshit and then pomh can see you are pathetic and such a loser you resort to letting people think there is a version out there (childish games, as per usual). I am certainly not so cant do so. Other groups dont do a ‘CPG’ and make stuff so nobody can get it by putting it on internal or on that see.hd shit, which ruins your encodes by advertising the site, which a lot of people cannot stand, yet still happens. I understand you need to get paid, but dont push it down peoples throat or they will all go away. You must be real desperate for the ‘hits’ and ‘thanks’ if you are going out of your way like that to say another group is pulling such tricks that CPG is well known for and has been proven to do in past until another group posts the same movie then ‘miraculously’ CPGs appears.. hahaha Such bullshit. I am sure if any other group has it, then it would have been shared, as other groups still post their shit about and are not pathetic, egotistical fuckwits. Also, i love how you are still adamiant i am some kind of ‘Hive’ person, as well as unevano and almost al other groups out there. Unlike you, i dont care about the groups, as quality speaks louder than words any day.

      • noidea says:

        well said boogie that guy is a joke
        rather amusing watching him run his mouth about other groups
        wonder who will be hive next lol

      • dw459 says:

        ok hivecm8 unevano please upload now. i wanna watch it

  10. lee says:


  11. Peter says:

    When will “Independence Day Resurgence 2016 720p bluray”release??

  12. ams says:


  13. boogie2988 says:

    The Magnificent Seven (2016) ReadNFO TS XVID-1Click

    this looks the better version out there between the ones so far

    • Smithy says:

      levels, contrast,brightness stil fucked on it .. what a knob head … run the bullshit …

      • boogie2988 says:

        Is this not generally the case with CAMs? You really expect them to be perfect? Get a grip! This is still the better version of all the others so far.

      • Smithy says:

        its the best version thats public yes maybe .. but people rush things dont take time and expect people to praise.
        Waiting for vain to do his poo-shine see how much he fucks it up Cpg with his little program that takes about 6 days to encode a x264 with his team of retards .. unknown and hive sitting in a tree THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO ENCODE PROPERLY !!!

        Face the facts your all fucking useless, cam boys following and following like sheep,go grab some sources for audio or video, do something, instead of relying on everyone else to take a risk.

        one day you will all have no where to go and everything will be
        INTERNAL !!

        BITCHES !!!

      • boogie2988 says:

        There you go then, if ‘everything is internal’ there is still some place to go, the site where its ‘internal’

      • dw459 says:

        there is no russian source, its same unknown source tagged everywhere. so they might wanna edit their info. other then that i dont find anything to complain about in this encode.. pretty smooth all the way.

      • dw459 says:

        also VAIN already did the re-encode and it looks marvelously utter shit screen – >

        as of now cpg is more smooth… then rest of the cunts. i watched on 42, were satisfied.

      • boogie2988 says:

        VAiN done the pathetic thing of encoding the Unknown version and never changed the audio. So i would put the VAiN release as crap also as it hasnt got the line audio, which is the stand out feature of the rest.

      • dw459 says:

        i agree with you.. you dumb idiot.. i think your username is “hartlepoolfc ” now its time to say hello there

      • boogie2988 says:

        Now what you on about? It was me agreeing with you… now who’s the idiot? As stated ,any times, read and understand comments before showing yourself up. My username where is ‘hartlepoolfc’? Again, i have no clue what you are on about. I wish you would get one and stick with it, as i have been HiVE, unevano, as well as one or two others, and now this one

      • dw459 says:

        thats hive username which is you.. and i never call you unevano.

      • boogie2988 says:

        lmao.. i have never heard anything so pathetic. You seem undoubtedly obsessed with me being Hive, let alone any other username. For someone who thinks their in the know, you dont really know much do you when it comes to it. Unlike you, if i was anything to do with any group, i wouldnt hide it for a second, and i would at least promote my stuff on here and not other peoples, like what you do. Their will be people on here who actually know members of that group probably who also know you are wrong, and just how wrong you are. You need to do your research better instead of clutching straws. On the unevano thing, you have claimed it a few times, and explain this from a discussion me and you were having 2 days ago (see above) when condor1334 commented about you stop ‘taking things so personal’ and this was your reply: ‘well i love him and i hate unevano’ Not once was unevano being mentioned in any comment and nothing indicated towards that person/group either, therefore had no reason to be brought up other than you thinking i was that person. But, keep digging, as its quite amusing to see what you come up with next

      • noidea says:

        hey hive i mean unevano arggg hartlepoolfc oh i mean boogie
        maybe if you type your comments slower he will understand a little better lol

      • spadger says:

        Who is hartlepoolfc i was spacedocker haha

  14. Moultoncobbler says:

    Are the Bluray/iTunes dates for Ice Age correct ? Surprised it hasn’t turned up yet ?

  15. Peter says:

    Is it possible that INDEPENDENCE DAY RESURENCE bluray source release tommorow??

  16. ghostface says:

    any news on star trek is it on naver ? gonna be leaked today or tomorrow?

  17. DazzA says:

    Star Trek is out now on naver.

  18. lee says:

    hc webrip I think

  19. smith12 says:

    Storks 2016 HD-TS XviD-CPG

  20. condor1334 says:


  21. qpalzm666 says:

    Does anyone on here know why i can never D/L most files from ET?

  22. thevicar says:

    Star Trek Beyond 2016 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
    Star Trek Beyond 2016 720p WEB-DL X264 AC3-EVO
    Star Trek Beyond 2016 1080p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO

    • pomh says:

      i have a quick question about the evo web-dl release of star trek beyond, DazzA stated it’s already on naver, evo says the source is itunes, does naver have unsubbed hd videos/movies similar to itunes? always kinda wondered. also, does anyone know the itunes source country? it’s on itunes in the states next week, i think jason bourne will be a surprise when it gets released. lol i think that’s too many questions for now.

      • Dahom says:

        The source is Arab iTuens.

      • pomh says:

        i like how different countries get certain films first lol, mostly all it means is the internet and all of us benefit from random early releases, well, kinda random, this one was coming pretty close. and again thanks for the info Dahom.

  23. lee says:


  24. pomh says:

    no rush, does anyone have a date, official or un official, for jason bourne web-dl (unsubbed) or blu ray perhaps? star trek came out the weekend before jason bourne in the states.

  25. ibe_older says:

    Ice Age Collision Course 2016 DVDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  26. malkom2014 says:

    Ice Age Collision Course 2016 DVDRip XviD AC3-EVO

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