Release Dates

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BluRay Release Dates

Miss Sloane – 21st March 2017
Assassin’s Creed – 21st March 2017
In Dubious Battle – 21st March 2017
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 28th March 2017
Why Him? – 28th March 2017
20th Century Women – 28th March 2017
Paterson – 4th April 2017
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 4th April 2017
Office Christmas Party – 4th April 2017
Hidden Figures – 11th April 2017
Lion – 11th April 2017
The Bye Bye Man – 11th April 2017
Brimstone – 11th April 2017
War On Everyone – 11th April 2017
Split – 18th April 2017
Sleepless – 18th April 2017
The Founder – 18th April 2017
La La Land  – 25th April 2017

iTunes Release Dates

Miss Sloane – 14th March 2017
Certain Women – 14th March 2017
Neruda – 21st March 2017
La La Land – 11th April 2017

China VOD

Fifty Shades Darker – 7th April 2017


Updated: 13th March 2017 – Old dates removed, new dates added.


85 Responses to Release Dates

  1. Samara says:

    Any updates regarding ‘Rings’ Web-DL or HC HDRip?

  2. chrstina5551 says:

    Does anyone know which two versions of Beauty and the Beast did Topdog1999 use to make that special full edit which was posted on here a few days ago? I apologize if I have the username wrong but hopefully someone understands what I am referring to. For sure one of the versions used was the Italian version (which was missing the first 4 minutes )but what rip did the first 4 minutes come from.

    • Topdog1990 says:

      The Italian version was full but I thought the Spanish version looked better so I used Italian for the first 4 minutes then Spanish

      • Topdog1999 says:

        Posted 1990 but it’s 1999 stupid keyboard

      • chrstina5551 says:

        Ah ok whoops I mixed up the two versions. The spelling of the spanish and italian version are very similar that’s probably why. Thank you for clearing that up though!

  3. promo says:




  4. promo says:


  5. DazzA says:


  6. Dan says:

    Will we see any copy’s of new power rangers this weekend?

  7. papers4pla says:


  8. Bloodman says:

    From a House on Willow Street 2016 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
    From a House on Willow Street 2016 WEB-DL x264-FGT

  9. promo says:


  10. dw459 says:

    Beauty and The Beast 2017 HD-TS x264-CPG
    out on
    should be out on torrents as well

  11. whats up with this batman?…

  12. Reggie1973 says:

    Just seen kong on naver does that mean it will drop soon as dnt understand fucking chinese lol

  13. showscen says:

    all up sorry for the delay 🙂

    • dw459 says:

      you are much better then EVO who dont cap anything by itself or even buy.. it was handed to him by others who he paid.. for his dvd shop lol.
      thanks bro i enjoyed your 1080p

      • Bloodman says:

        At Least EVO Removes Watermarks Thumbs Up EVO
        Unlike showshen Which He Never Bothers To Remove

      • guy says:

        showshen does not have any watermarks. You Blind or crazy ?

      • Bloodman says:

        Watched Split Few Days Ago
        He Had A Big SHOWSCEN Logo on left hand side
        so guess youre wrong im not the one that is blind

      • guy says:

        Release March 24. You watched his Arab release from 2 days ago. The English release posted above does not have watermarks

  14. punisher68 says:

    also on epidemz

  15. dnnrgn says:

    russian Life cam on freerutor now also…someone english it please ☺

  16. TITSUP says:


  17. Bloodman says:

    Beauty and The Beast 2017 HDTS x264-EVO
    Thumbs Up

  18. Bloodman says:

    Bitter Harvest 2017 BRRip XviD AC3-EVO

  19. Mr.Grey says:

    Wow, I got Life audio and I thought it had close to same runtime, lmao nope. Russian cam is 1:33:00 while us runtime is 1:50:00. It was at this time he knew….THE RUSSIANS FUQQED UP! Lmao. No offense to them, but yall ate gonna miss the good shit.

    • Muller says:

      I just saw it in theatre, I did not miss anything. Poor cam’s, who cares about them. Pay to it and get 4K and Atmos sound 😀

      • dnnrgn says:

        well yeah if your a videophile interested in 4K and atmospheric sound, cams would suck…I am not interested in either of those things so cams work for me…to each his own

    • dnnrgn says:

      just checked IMDB and runtime for Life is 1:43 not 1:50. .. !:43 minus usually 8-9 minutes for beg and end credits = 1:33-1:34 minutes so pretty much spot on…maybe missing a minute or so but i doubt it unless russian encoders removed a minute worth of frames throughout the movie to make another cam unsyncable lol

      • Mr.Grey says:

        Ummm… did you assume I recorded the end credits? What are beginning credits?

      • Mr.Grey says:

        I just checked my audio and you’re right. My duration from beginning to credits is 1:34:00. It would have to be my birthday if it was gonna end up being a simple drag and drop lol

      • dnnrgn says:

        I posted my response as you were posting yours lol…glad it all worked out OK…hope sync is easy although knowing russian cams it would have to be your birthday and christmas on the same day lulz

      • Mr.Grey says:

        Yeah, I started syncing and found out 4 mins is missing dam, lol.

  20. PowerMan says:

    OMG how many more crappy encodes of BATB… they should just wait for a very decent source.. ughh bleeding colors as usual

  21. PowerMan says:

    HDTS then 720P HDTS…audio is nice,,but thats all

    Thumbs down way DOWN

  22. kickboo says:

    Beauty and The Beast 2017 720p HD-TS x264-CPG

  23. dw459 says:

    Beauty and The Beast 2017 720p HD-TS x264-CPG

  24. Reggie1973 says:

    Anybody no if lego batman is gonna drop anytime soon as my little one keeps asking me for it

  25. sinbad says:

    Is Prevenge anywhere as I heard it had simultaneous VOD/Theatre release yesterday.Seems like the kind of film that might slip through the cracks as to getting a mention here

  26. punisher68 says:

    Life Cam out on epidemz

    • Churchs284 says:

      Hey Dazza, is there any info on lego batman? Did naver push it back or not release it, its weird its not up yet. Thanks for all the info you put up on this blog.

      • DazzA says:

        As far as I can tell it is still on there and available to purchase. Although have only seen it available there so maybe no-one rips from naver anymore. All of he recent movies there were Korean HDRips for have all been available at other Vod sites and Youtube so will have been ripped from one of those.

      • guy says:

        LEGO Batman movie (package item: Dubbing additional presentation)
        Altough the Sample has English audio. I think the actual download may have Korean audio.
        Normaly the English movies do not mention Dubbing in the title

  27. Samara says:

    Rings Blu-Ray – May 2nd
    Seems to be extended, runtime is 149mins.
    Theatrical runtime was only 102mins.

  28. Tomi says:

    Anybody know about Logan web dl ?

  29. Mr.Grey says:

    I want you guys to be on the lookout for Chips. I got the audio a couple days ago and still haven’t seen a cam for it yet. I know there won’t ever be a Russian or Chinese/Korean cam as the movie never aired in those countries.

    • dw459 says:

      you wont see a cam of it anytime soon i will be surprised to see the cam of that movie.

      • dnnrgn says:

        idk bout that dude…Chips opened Friday the 24th in peru, brazil, portugal, argentina etc. as well …a lot of spanish cam hotspots…I’m optimistic of a spanish/latino cam

  30. smith12 says:

    A man blackmailed the makers of the upcoming movie The Boss Baby after he obtained a leaked copy. so possibility that we might see it. I already bought tickets so it doesn’t matter fandango has bogo titckets bought tickets for 4 movies 10 in total $60

  31. dan says:

    any news on cure and ghost in the shell?

  32. Condor1334 says:


    Retail rip still no english subs. Subs out are for 100 min version not the 120 min version

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