Release Dates

This page is for discussing public releases of films and for sharing release dates for upcoming films, if a release isn’t public then it shouldn’t be discussed here. Invite trading and helping other users is allowed but bashing release groups or arguing won’t be tolerated and users will be banned permanently if they discuss anything off topic from now on.


BluRay Release Dates

Bad Moms Xmas – 23rd January 2018
Suburbicon – 6th February 2018
Same Kind of Different As Me – 20th February 2018
Daddys Home 2 – 6th February 2018


iTunes Release Dates



Unknown Release Type

Thank You For Your Service – 9th January 2018
Jigsaw – 9th January 2018
Beyond Skyline – January 16th 2018
Mom and Dad – January 16th 2018
Death Race: Beyond Anarchy – January 30th 2018


Updated: 5th January 2018 – Old dates removed, new dates added! More dates coming soon!


87 Responses to Release Dates

  1. Steven says:

    I got Commuter. Thanks cpg for seehd info.

  2. Steven says:

    If Dirg, happy, mrgrey, unk are all separate entities maybe we can get more cams like the olds days instead of hoarding internal.

  3. seth says:

    The Commuter 2018 ENG CAM X264-DADDY
    Insidious.The.Last.Key.2018.READNFO.TS.V2.AAC.x264 THESTiG
    The.Post.2017.576p.TS.AAC.x264 THESTiG THESTiG
    Proud Mary 2018 HDCAM x264-DiRG

    Godzilla Monster Planet Part 1 2018 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

  4. adebella12 says:

    Anyone knows
    Forever my girl (2018) will be out on digital download tomorrow?

  5. seth says:

    Pitch Perfect 3 (2017) HDCam copy_FULL MOVIE_English Language_JIP_x264.mp4

    dunno if this real or not, it’s on tpb.

  6. sbraidley says:

    Will be updating the dates later on today

  7. spadger says:

    Anyone got a link to not been able to get on it for days now and not even through a proxy

  8. Steven says:

    Whar screeners were people looking for? Hive may release more but other than Hostiles most have been released with quality cams.

  9. Hugh says:

    The Greatest Showman. Looked like someone had it as they posted the sample on here, keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. Jonny Knight says:

    not sure if we gonna get the greatest showman or all the money in the world it would be nice to get them today!

  11. Geronamo says:

    Howdy, Does anyone have any information on the movie: Hostiles(2017) with Christian Bale ? Thanks, for any help.

  12. haha says:

    Screener of Hostiles will come out soon.

  13. cragski says:

    anybody want to swap torrentday invite for an iptorrent invite

  14. hicksy says:

    just seed what you take spadger thats all

  15. Torvic says:

    why there is still no murder on the orient express in english yet ?

  16. Steven says:


  17. Steven says:

    Now The Commuter that was a good movie. Not sure about the ending, it felt like they cut out some scenes.

  18. luffy1410 says:


  19. luffy1410 says:

    Hello Bloodman , which movie coming today ??

  20. luffy1410 says:

    Day of the Dead Bloodline 2018 720p BluRay x264-GUACAMOLE

  21. luffy1410 says:

    Delirium 2018 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-CMRG
    Small Town Crime 2017 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-CMRG
    Mom and Dad 2018 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264-CMRG

    Murder on the Orient Express 2017 HC WEBRIP-X264-MP3-Zi$t
    and it same like HDTC

  22. Fuzzy says:


  23. Leo_22 says:

    Guys did anyone see a copy of the midnight man without Arabic subs?

  24. spadger says:

    is ettv the new extratorrent site anybody know?

  25. bawbag says:

    Justice League iTunes 13th February. BR 13th March.

  26. BOSS says:

    The Midnight Man.2017.HDRip.XviD.AC3-EVO

  27. BOSS says:


  28. Jonny Knight says:

    hope we get sceeners today its been a while>?

  29. gavin says:

    Has anyone seen Earth; One Amazing day anywhere?

  30. adebella12 says:

    AVA 2018 720p WEB DL

  31. seth says:

    Den of Thieves:

    it’s up on tpb.

  32. Jailbirdfkr says:

    maybe a tad off topic, but i was wondering if anyone has any good vpn to reccomend?`googled arround, and i’ve tried like 10 of them, Nordvpn and so forth, but for some reason, i loose so much speed using it! my download speeds drops from 70-100Mb/s to 3Mb/s, wich is kinda a turnoff! if anyone knows of a good vpn with fast servers in Europe, i would love a tip or two!

  33. Robert says:

    CMRG site home ?

  34. Hanley says:

    I know Kevin Spacey was deleted out of the money but Wahlberg’s body double is terrible. Obviously he was too busy for re-shoots. They messed up the movie with this cheapness.

  35. wob says:

    sample of thor leak
    h ttp://ww

  36. toni says:

    yeah it’s real
    Thor Ragnarok 2017 720p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO

  37. Qpalzm 666 says:

    Thor Ragnarok 2017 hdrip
    Up on TD

  38. Thor Ragnarok 2017 720p WEB-DL H264 AC3-EVO
    Thor Ragnarok 2017 HDRip XviD AC3-EVO

    • Jailbirdfkr says:

      do you know if the 1080p is on its way? or is it just 720 that’s availible?

      • I do not know.
        Usually when they have 1080p they upload it first with seeding cap. That hasn’t happened for Thor.

        Don’t want to speculate on that though. If they have it, it will be up soon enough.. That’s all we can say for sure ;).

    • Jailbirdfkr says:

      Allright! thanks anyhow! i will just watch the 720! Thanks for the share!

  39. Marlon says:

    Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle (2017) DVD-R iso

  40. Hanley says:

    Den of Thieves doesn’t seem to be available maybe in the morning.

  41. Jailbirdfkr says:

    Thor Ragnarok 2017 1080p WEB-DL X264 AC3-EVO

  42. adebella12 says:

    The Square (2018) DVD Rip
    Really damn good movie..on movieswbb

  43. Steven says:


  44. Robert says:

    CMRG site home ? anyone can tell me please?

  45. Robert says:

    Anyone can help?
    Here is my email :

  46. Robert says:

    Anyone can help?
    Here is my email : antialcaholic

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