Blank Released on Mininova


The film Blank (IMDb #1326196) is the first film to be officailly released on P2P, it shows that filmakers are starting to see BitTorrent and other P2P protocols as not against them but a new way of sharing work with their audience, the difference with this and a common copy is that it allows you to donate. So say you download the film and like it you can donate back to the filmmaker

Background: Annodam Films will released the feature film ‘Blank’ from writer director Rick L. Winters on March 21, 2009 on Mininova and other torrent sites for everyone to enjoy. It is our concept that if people like the movie they will go back and make a donation or purchase the movie at, thus allowing us to make another film and release it in the same manner. After the end credits of the movie BLANK there will be a trailer for one of the next feature films we are planning to film and release Peer to Peer.

This release could make way for a major shift in the way we experience movies, it’s unlikely as the cast and crew are paid on percentage of the gross, so no big Hollywood films. But it’s showing that film makers are starting to see P2P as a new medium of sharing there work instead of stealing it.

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