Nintendo Launches Wii System Menu 4.0

Nintendo has just lauched Wii System Menu 4.0 at GDC today. You can now backup and play WiiWare titles straight from the SD card. Nintendo has now included a new menu known as the ‘SD Card Menu’, it can be accessed from the main Wii System Menu. Not only the new SD features but Nintendo has at last allowed SDHC card’s up to 32GB to work in the Nintendo Wii.

Wii Menu 4.0

Go and update youw Wii now for the new menu.


EA Mobile iPhone Game Lineup 2009

On Tuesday at GDC, EA Mobile discussed their plans for 2009 for the iPhone & iPod Touch platform.EA Logo

Tiger Woods PGA Tour has been been announced prior to this event but other games announced were:
Wolfenstein RPG
FIFA Soccer
Madden NFL
NBA Live
Spore Creatures
Mystery Mania
American Idol
Command & Conquer
Need for Speed
The Sims 3
Connect 4
Trivial Pursuit

EA Mobile indicated that Trivial Pursuit and Tigher Woods PGA Tour, will be coming in Spring.

iPhone Idea: Memory

The iPhone and iPod Touch are an amazing platform for App’s. From twitter clients to full feature games. Most of these work perfectly without a hitch but when it comes to some App’s, especially Photography App’s then it’s a different story.
Photo App’s usually use a lot more memory than other App’s and frequently go over the limit of RAM it’s allowed to use causing the iPhone to close it.

Using App’s such as System we can clean up the memory and free up a lot of free space, which some people achieve via re-booting. What would be a lot better is if you have an App that needs a lot of memory clean it up before you start the App. Maybe Apple should implement a memory cleaner which works in the background when it realises a certain amount of memory is being used that cleans it up.

Here’s a screenshot of System, an App for the iPhone/iPod Touch that free’s up memory.

As you can see System freed up about 39MB of RAM making App’s which are memory intensive work a lot better.
For a better user experience either the developers or Apple should implement this feature.