iPhone Idea: Audio Surf iPhone

Audio Surf is a Windows game that makes completely unique levels for the user. Using music on the players computer it analyzes it and creates the track accordingly giving it endless possibilities. It would however only work using iPhone OS 3.0 as it would need access to the users iPod Music and using the improved graphics chip, could give some amazing graphics.

Audio Surf iPhone

To control the game you would tilt the device, using the accelerometer to control the ship. You could challenge friends using the notification system and submit scores to online leadboards. This game would work great on the new iPhone OS, just hope someone makes it.


iPhone Idea: Plasma Pong iPhone

This game is for Mac and Windows however due to Atari’s copyright of the pong game the game is now taken offline but you can find it if you search around, with the new iPhone 3GS’s graphics power this game would look great on the iPhone.

Plasma Pong iPhone

You would control your side using the touchscreen and to shoot the plasma you would slide your finger forward, it would be multiplayer as each user can use one side of the screen or even over WiFi or Bluetooth.

I did email the developer about it a while back but never recieved a reply so I might try again.

iPhone Twitter Push Notification Mockups

This is a mockup I’ve just came up with, that would be good for Twitter App’s. However if your one of those people who follow 100’s of people then this wouldn’t be very good, unless maybe for direct messages on Twitter.

Twitter iPhone Mockup

The font isn’t perfect as I didn’t use Photoshop so no shadows were placed on the text but as you can see it would be a good way for Twitter App’s to push tweets or direct replies/messages.

Update: Here’s a second mockup which would appear if you get multiple tweets.

Twitter iPhone Mockup 2

iPhone Idea: Cubefield

One of my favourite flash games is Cubefield, the objective of the game is to get you through a field of cubes that are dynamically created as you play the game. I’ve thought for a long time now how good this would be as an iPhone app using the in-built accelerometers and put together a mock-up to demonstrate what it would look like.

Cubefield iPhone Mockup

As you can see it would work perfectly on iPhone and iPod Touch using the in-built accelerometers.

Update: It seems it already exsists in the App Store under Cube Runner.