iPad Mini 6 Controller Mount

During the long wait for my Steam Deck to arrive and searching around for an affordable portable solution to play PC, Xbox and Playstation games on the go, I turned to the 2020 Apple iPad Mini 6 that I have been using as my tablet of choice since earlier this year. It offers a good 8.3″ IPS display with access to all the popular game streaming apps and offers support for both Xbox and Playstation controllers. In years gone by, you could pick up mounts for the older iPad models to attach them to controllers but they were quite niche and due to this there hasn’t been any models released for the newer iPad mini.

Not to be deterred, scouring eBay resulted in finding sellers who sell bespoke 3D printed modified clips to hold your device regardless of size, these however are a bit rough around the edges but an affordable option for most.

The search continues and I eventually came across the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for MagSafe, as the name suggests this is aimed at Apple devices supporting MagSafe which unfortunately the iPad line does not as of yet, but the new iPad Pro models are rumoured to support the MagSafe accessories so maybe it will trickle down to the non-pro models in years to come. This mount appeared to offer the best solution, but with no MagSafe support on the iPad the device would not attach and so to solve this issue I ordered a cheap third party folio case from Amazon, it would allow me to easily attach and remove the iPad without needing to clip it into place and would all be attached using magnets to a point where it would be secure enough to use.

The front of the case wasn’t really needed anymore so after carefully removing the front cover I decided to use some strong velcro to attach the two parts. This is more of a temporary solution as really a strong adhesive would be better to make the whole thing permanent but wanted some flexibility in testing the device out in terms of weight and balance first. With the two circles of strong velcro attached the cover and mount were left for a number of hours to allow for the adhesive to bond.

Once the device is attached to the Xbox One controller and iPad mounted it functions as expected, it is quite heavy with the iPad coming in at 293 grams for the WiFi model, but for shorter sessions the weight shouldn’t be too much of an issue. A lot of other mounts on the market mount the device to the back of the controller, which itself causes more strain on the wrists and likely wouldn’t work with the iPad mini but as this mounts the device above the controller it doesn’t throw off the balance as much and brings the screen closer to you making it that bit more immersive.

The iPad itself makes for a great gaming device, with Apple Arcade offering a bunch of great titles, the ability to stream from your own PC, Xbox, Playstation and the countless game streaming platforms it really is a device that can play almost anything. To cover that retro itch, I also installed DolphiniOS and Delta from the AltStore, so now it’s possible to play most Nintendo titles up to through to the Nintendo Wii titles.

In terms of cost, the clip, case and other materials cost around £28 which was much cheaper than the £300+ cost of the Odin Pro I was looking at getting to fill the void until the Steam Deck.


Older Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro’s Confirmed to work with 5th Generation Models

With the Spring Apple Event kicking off this years Apple release cycle, one of the big releases to be announced was the 5th generation of the iPad Pro. With this release of the iPad Pro 12.9″ comes the new Liquid Retina XDR display, whilst not altering the physical design of the device it does add a very slight 0.5mm depth increase to the device leading many to worry about their old accessories and their compatibility with the new devices.

The new Magic Keyboard comes in at a lower price of £329, compared to the previous model that came in at £349 when not on sale. The listing on the Apple website confirms that the new keyboard in both black and white will work with previous iPad Pro models, but does not confirm if the 2020 Magic Keyboard will work with the 5th Generation models.

Speaking to an Apple representative following the spring event, they have confirmed that the older Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio will work with the newer models without issue. This makes a lot of sense as the accessories are expensive and this allows Apple to reduce the number of accessories they need to sell as the newer models are compatible with all previously supported iPads.

Update 29/04/2021 – Apple have now confirmed that the the first generation model is functionally compatible with the new 5th generation iiPad Pro 12.9″. Due to the slightly thicker dimensions of this new iPad Pro, it’s possible that the Magic Keyboard may not precisely fit when closed, especially when screen protectors are applied. Many current owners of the current model have used screen protectors much thicker than .5mm and had no issues so this appears to be more of a case of Apple covering themselves should there be any issues.

BluRay Release Dates – August 2020 (US)

Dispatches From Elsewhere, Season 1 – Tuesday 4th August 2020
His Dark Materials: First Season – Tuesday 4th August 2020
NCIS: Los Angeles: The Eleventh Season – Tuesday 4th August 2020
Swallow – Tuesday 4th August 2020
Good Doctor, The – Tuesday 4th August 2020
The Soul Collector – Tuesday 4th August 2020
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Season Two – Tuesday 4th August 2020
Tuesday August 11, 2020
Are You Afraid of the Dark? – Tuesday 11th August 2020
G-LOC – Tuesday 11th August 2020
Gold Digger, Season 1 – Tuesday 11th August 2020
How to Build a Girl – Tuesday 11th August 2020
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters – Tuesday 11th August 2020
NCIS: New Orleans: The Sixth Season – Tuesday 11th August 2020
The Blacklist – Season 07 – Tuesday 11th August 2020
The High Note – Tuesday 11th August 2020
The Wretched – Tuesday 11th August 2020
Valley Of The Gods – Tuesday 11th August 2020
Tuesday August 18, 2020
Batwoman: The Complete First Season – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Blue Bloods: The Tenth Season – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Emperor – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Military Wives – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Prevenge – Tuesday 18th August 2020
S.W.A.T. – Tuesday 18th August 2020
The Terror: Infamy – Tuesday 18th August 2020
Chicago Fire: Season Eight – Tuesday 25th August 2020
Chicago Med: Season Five – Tuesday 25th August 2020
SEAL Team: Season Three – Tuesday 25th August 2020
The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season – Tuesday 25th August 2020

iTunes Release Dates – July 2020 (US)

Suzi Q – Friday 3rd July 2020
Alone Wolf – Friday 3rd July 2020
Capital in the Twenty-First Century – Friday 3rd July 2020
The Other Lamb – Friday 3rd July 2020
The Outpost – Friday 3rd July 2020
Good Friday – Saturday 4th July 2020
Bellbird – Monday 6th July 2020
The Wild Goose Lake – Tuesday 7th July 2020
How to Build a Girl – Tuesday 7th July 2020
I, Pastafari: A Flying Spaghetti Monster Story – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Balloon – Tuesday 7th July 2020
American Tragedy – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Love on Iceland – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Browse – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Antichrist Rising – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Tombstone Rashomon – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Volition – Friday 10th July 2020
Ace Attorney – Tuesday 14th July 2020
Enter the Fat Dragon – Tuesday 14th July 2020
RAD – Monday 20th July 2020
Bloodstone – Monday 20th July 2020
Our Bodies Our Doctors – Tuesday 21st 2020
Sometimes Always Never – Tuesday 28th July 2020

BluRay Release Dates – July 2020 (US)

Trolls World Tour – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Belzebuth – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Blood and Money – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Hope Gap – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Proximity – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Sorry We Missed You – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Sweetness In The Belly – Tuesday 7th July 2020
The Lost Husband – Tuesday 7th July 2020
The Wild Goose Lake – Tuesday 7th July 2020
Body Cam – Tuesday 14th July 2020
Castle in the Ground – Tuesday 14th July 2020
Enter the Fat Dragon – Tuesday 14th July 2020
The Magicians: Season Five – Tuesday 14th July 2020
The Swing of Things – Tuesday 14th July 2020
VHYes – Tuesday 14th July 2020
Capone – Tuesday 21st July 2020
Castle Rock: The Complete Second Season – Tuesday 21st July 2020
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10 – Tuesday 21st July 2020
DeadTectives – Tuesday 21st July 2020
Marriage Story – Tuesday 21st July 2020
Resistance – Tuesday 21st July 2020
SCOOB! – Tuesday 21st July 2020
Survive the Night – Tuesday 21st July 2020
The Room – Tuesday 21st July 2020
You Don’t Nomi – Tuesday 21st July 2020
End of Sentence – Tuesday 28th July 2020
Fisherman’s Friends – Tuesday 28th July 2020
Hawaii Five-O – Tuesday 28th July 2020
Legacy of Lies – Tuesday 28th July 2020
NCIS: The Seventeenth Season – Tuesday 28th July 2020
Orange Is the New Black: Season 7 – Tuesday 28th July 2020
The Other Lamb – Tuesday 28th July 2020
The Outsider: The First Season – Tuesday 28th July 2020

BluRay Release Dates – May 2020 (US)

Gretel & Hansel – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Bloodshot – Tuesday 5th May 2020
I Still Believe – Tuesday 5th May 2020
The Lodge – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Greed – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Ordinary Love – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Tigers Are Not Afraid – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Arkansas – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Lancaster Skies – Tuesday 5th May 2020
The Jesus Rolls – Tuesday 5th May 2020
Birds of Prey – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Fantasy Island – Tuesday 12th May 2020
The Photograph – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Lost Transmissions – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Narcos: Mexico – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Redcon-1 – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Stray Dolls – Tuesday 12th May 2020
The Traitor – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Vivarium – Tuesday 12th May 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Onward – Tuesday 19th May 2020
The Way Back – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Brahms: The Boy II – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Emma. – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Wildlife – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Behind You – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Buffaloed – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War – Tuesday 19th May 2020
Last Moment Of Clarity – Tuesday 19th May 2020
The Postcard Killings – Tuesday 19th May 2020
The Invisible Man – Tuesday 26th May 2020
Adv Of Rufus: Fantastic Pet – Tuesday 26th May 2020
Once Were Brothers: Robby Robertson And The Band – Tuesday 26th May 2020


iTunes Release Dates – March 2020 (US)

The Jesus Rolls – Friday 6th March 2020
Becoming – Friday 6th March 2020
Escape from Pretoria – Friday 6th March 2020
Final Kill – Friday 6th March 2020
Run This Town – Friday 6th March 2020
The Dark Red – Friday 6th March 2020
Henri Dauman: Looking Up – Friday 6th March 2020
Only – Friday 6th March 2020
Same God – Monday 9th March 2020
Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight – Monday 9th March 2020
1917 – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Little Women – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Spies in Disguise – Tuesday 10th March 2020
The Grudge – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Cats – Monday 16th March 2020
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Tuesday 17th March 2020
The Current War (Director’s Cut) – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Clemency – Monday 23rd March 2020
Dolittle – Tuesday 24th March 2020
Just Mercy – Tuesday 24th March 2020

BluRay Release Dates – March 2020 (US)

Queen & Slim – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Dark Waters – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Playmobil: The Movie – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
2 Graves In The Desert – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Ana – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
I Am Fear – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
The Furies – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
The Sonata – Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Spies in Disguise – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Uncut Gems – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Bombshell – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Charlie’s Angels – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Inherit The Viper – Tuesday 10th March 2020
John Henry – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Jumanji: The Next Level – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Richard Jewell – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Black Christmas – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Abigail – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Superman: Red Son – Tuesday 17th March 2020
The Dustwalker – Tuesday 17th March 2020
1917 – Tuesday 24th March 2020
The Grudge – Tuesday 24th March 2020
The Song of Names – Tuesday 24th March 2020
Clemency – Tuesday 24th March 2020
Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker – Tuesday 31st March 2020
The Current War – Tuesday 31st March 2020
Coda – Tuesday 31st March 2020
vfw – Tuesday 31st March 2020

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BluRay Release Dates – February 2019 (US)

iTunes Release Dates – February 2020 (US)

Midway – Tuesday 4th February 2020
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Trauma Center – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Frozen II – Tuesday 11th February 2020
21 Bridges – Tuesday 11th February 2020
Queen & Slim – Tuesday 11th February 2020
End of the Century (Fin de siglo) – Tuesday 11th February 2020
Love Unleashed – Tuesday 11th February 2020
Don’t Be a Dick About It – Tuesday 11th February 2020
Love is Blind – Tuesday 11th February 2020
Superman: Red Son – Tuesday 25th February 2020