iPhone iOS 4 Custom Firmware

Today PwnageTool 4 was released for the Mac and seeing as now I have a MacBook I thought I’d create some custom firmware for all you Windows users who don’t have an official tool as of yet.

Below are the links to the files, I will update them as I upload them and feel free to share this post with others.

Please read this Dev-Team article before using any of the custom restore files.

Details: Only non-hacktivated firmwares without Multitasking Enabled come with custom boot logos, root size is shown in brackets next to the device (I just used the default setting.)  Also baseband update is not enabled.

iPhone 3GS iOS 4 Custom Restore (Root Size 831MB)
Not Hacktivated (w/Custom Boot Logos) – iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore.ipsw
Not Hactivated – iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Without_Custom_Boot_Logos).ipsw
Hactivated – iPhone2,1_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Hacktivated).ipsw

iPhone 3G iOS 4 Custom Restore (Root Size 756MB)
Not Hacktivated (w/Custom Boot Logos) – iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore.ipsw
Not Hacktivated – iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Without_Custom_Boot_Logos).ipsw
Not Hactivated w/ Multitasking Enabled – iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Multitasking_Enabled).ipsw
Hactivated – iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Hactivated).ipsw
Hacktivated w/ Multitasking Enabled – iPhone1,2_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Hactivated_Multitasking_Enabled).ipsw

iPod Touch 2G iOS 4 Custom Restore (Root Size 688MB)
Without Multitasking Enabled (w/Custom Boot Logos) – iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore.ipsw
Without Multitasking Enabled – iPod2,1__4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Without_Custom_Boot_Logos).ipsw
With Multitasking Enabled – iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Custom_Restore_(Multitasking_Enabled).ipsw

If you have any requests that aren’t shown above then get in touch via Twitter @sbraidley

66 Responses to iPhone iOS 4 Custom Firmware

  1. furcioelbraveado says:

    Thanks for the custom firmware man. I am only waiting for the hacktivated one. Would you please provide us with more details? root size? custom logos? Thanks for your help.

  2. Michael says:

    I was wondering, did you build this with the stock boot/sync logos or custom ones?

    • sbraidley says:

      The only one’s that have custom ones are non-hacktivated firmwares that don’t have Multitasking enabled. It says in the article cause I just updated it. I will re-upload those firmwares tomorrow without the custom boot logos.

  3. furcioelbraveado says:

    Will it be too much to ask to upload the 3gs hacktivated one?

  4. jlillamb says:

    Is the root size in any way relevant(meaning if I should check what I have now and pick a corresponding one)? And why wait for the hacktivated one when you can unlock the phone via ultrasnow? Thanks man

    • sbraidley says:

      It will be to some people, for me I’ve never changed it as never had any problems and hacktivated is when the device is activated on a different carrier not unlocked to a different carrier which is what ultrasn0w does. So if you an unofficial carrier on your iPhone you will need to wait for hacktivated so that you can use your device on that carrier then use ultrasn0w to unlock your device.

      • jlillamb says:

        Hmm weird I never had to think about hacktivated/non-hacktivated firmwares and both my iPhones are on unofficial carriers. I just jailbroke it and used ultrasnow and it worked…Well seems like I’m going to wait a bit more for some info on this. Thanks for the valuable information!

  5. Bob says:

    Can you upload to megaupload instead or hotfile depositfiles not looking correctly

  6. kenny says:

    this is very generous of u! thanks so much! how long before hacktivated 3GS is available u think?

  7. NeoKjames says:

    Hi there, just to confirm;


    Is this simply just Cydia with custom boot logo (Pwnapple logo)?

    That’s all I am after.


  8. bookofelijah says:

    multitasking will automatically work if i have the 3gs right? also, i am on t-mobile, but i have an extra at&t sim, with this i should be able to activate it after the restore right?

  9. Hrushi says:

    you had given a link for hacktivated ipt2g firmware in that folder of all uploaded firmwares. I can’t find a direct link to it over here.

  10. Toni says:

    Hey, thanks for your work. Would you be kind and post a custom firmware for 3gs without custom logos and not hacktivated. THanks

  11. avizov says:

    can you please post the sumcheck of the files

  12. Kenny M. says:

    Hey I tried using your hacktivated firmware for Iphone 3Gs and it just gave me a Iphone cannot be restored (1600) error. Something I did wrong? Or is the firmware uploaded just corrupt?

  13. Brett says:

    Unsure which of these I need. I’ve got a 3GS on 3.1.2 that was JB’d with blackra1n with an old bootrom (32). Thanks

  14. mjsp says:

    were the 3GS CFWs made using PwnageTool 4.01? 🙂

    • sbraidley says:

      No PwnageTool 4.01 was only released this morning so all my CFW was made using the original version with the iBooks issue present. I’m going to re-upload the CFW for all devices using PwnageTool 4.01 but it won’t be quick as it’s not a quick process.

  15. thebug3000 says:

    Do you have any hacktivated custom firmware without the pwn logo’s for 3gs?

    i prefer the standard look 🙂

  16. thebug3000 says:

    I see you making new firmwares now, please take in mind no logos please for the next set for 3gs

    can you update me when your though with the updates


  17. hoc says:

    Hey this is huge help for windows users. Trying not to do this too much so will wait for the 4.01 versions. Am looking for the 3gs without any custom logos. Need to unlock it for another carrier… thanks,

    • sbraidley says:

      Yeh I was a Windows user back when 3.0 was released so I thought I’d try and get them out as quick as possible so you can jailbreak your device. The 4.01 versions will be out in a few hours. I’ll be uploading all of them with no custom boot logos as no one wants them and I didn’t mean for them to be in their either but it was the default.

  18. thebug3000 says:

    Thanks Sam, you the man

  19. […] more from the original source: iPhone iOS 4 Custom Firmware « Sam's Blog No […]

  20. ray says:

    heyy is this official iOS 4.0 or GM? im looking for a official one i used a GM version and my multitaskin stopped working for sum reason when i synced to itunes.

  21. Jade says:

    Hi Mate, You are good. by the way, are this all for old bootrom? mine is Model MC131ZA with Mod frim05.12.01 serial 85018GGR3NP. Bought like 1.5 months ago.

  22. Markus says:


    i’ve tried out your custom hacktivated Firmware for iPhone 3Gs iOS4 but unfortunately its impossible for me to “restore” my iPhone with itunes to this firmware because im gettig either error 1600 (in DFU Mode) or Error 1604 in recovery mode + non DFU and non recovery mode.

    Are there any advices how to avoid those errors?

    • sbraidley says:

      I’d check out the Dev-Team’s page to see but make sure your model isn’t an MC model as you can’t jailbreak those yet.

  23. Markus says:

    I’ve found the main issue: Its nothing about the bootloader (which is OK , because i have the old one) but you need a phone in a previous PWNED state – otherwise you cant load a custom firmware anymore on it yet.

    I’ve erased my pwned state by updating via itunes on the official way (instead of taking a custom firmware and try this before).

    This is the issue -> now i’ve installed 3.1.3 and jailbreaked it via spirit.. This makes me “stuck” on 3.1.3 until a new userland jailbreak comes out for iOS4.


    • sbraidley says:

      Ah I’m sure it says on the Dev-Team blog about this which I did say to read before trying anything. I’m sure it won’t be long until you can jailbreak though without CFW.

  24. bob says:

    plz plz can u make an ipod 3g custom firmware i am looking all over the internet for a jailbreak plzplz thnks

  25. bob says:

    plz can i get a link for a ipod 3g custom firmware with boot logo and cydia

  26. potts says:

    i need a custom firmware for mii iphone 4 is it possible to get one?

  27. matkey says:

    this iphone cannot be restored because the firmware file is not compatible”, am i missing sometin

    • sbraidley says:

      Make sure you’ve chosen the right device and if it’s a 3GS model you need to the SHSH blobs for that firmware on storage otherwise you can’t restore back.

  28. matkey says:

    is not compatible”, am i missing sometin

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