Cycorder Corrupt Video Repair Service

I tweeted it out yesterday but I’d like to inform you all that I have started a service which means you can get corrupted cycorder videos fixed very quickly and very cheaply.

If you’ve ever used Cycorder and got a call during a video you know how annoying it is when you go to the video and it won’t play. No matter how hard you try it won’t play back. Some people simply give up, others pay quite a lot of money to a repair company.

Today I come to you with the cheap alternative, it’s obviously early stages and I might start a website up and everything specifically for the service soon but for now it’s a referral based service. So if you have coruppted cycorder videos you want fixed or know someone who does I will get them fixed and back to you within less than 1 hour after payment in most cases.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload the video to WeTransfer (Up to 2GB)
  2. Send the file to sbraidley [at] (I will set up a email address for it later but for now use that one)
  3. I will then download and fix the file and email you with a quote of price and a screenshot of the video for proof if requested.
  4. Send the payment via PayPal and once payment is received I will immediately upload the file back to WeTransfer for you to download.
  5. You now have your fixed video.

At the minute this is just a small project I’m running to see how many people will be use the service. The pricing is very reasonable and official pricing will be announced later. If you want to get a quote before you send the file, email me at the address provided with the size of the file and I’ll get back to you. Also bulk pricing will be cheaper so if you have 10 videos you can get them all done at once for cheaper than separately. It is mainly aimed at cycorder videos but I might be able to fix any .mov file.

Note: Some videos have audio sync issues which I won’t fix as part of the service but it’s quite simple to do.


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