A Little Update..

It’s been a while since I’ve updated but I have some news for all of you. First of all I only have 3 more exams left, so in a weeks time they will all be over and I can resume to a normal blogging routine which I haven’t done since January.

Second of all I’m getting my MacBook tomorrow, I thought I’d have to wait till my birthday in September to afford one but my brothers lent me the £800 to get one. So I can start work on Apps now as well.

Thirdly, Formspring have allowed me to be part of the private beta of the APIs so I can start work on a formspring client. Also hopefully in the next few weeks I should get my bonus so I can become a developer and sell on the App Store and also in July I’m opening up my website, so an exciting next few months. And until my website is opened this will be the main place to find out about news about developments and general news.

Oh and the last thing to note is the blog has reached 150,000 hits, thanks!


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