Mirror’s Edge Coming In 2010

Mirror’s Edge, a new 3G for the iPod Touch and iPhone has been announced today by EA. It’s going to be similar to the console and PC counterpart. The game consists of 14 levels, it describes them as “fast” and “fluid”. It’s expected to be available in the App Store in January of next year.


AdBlocking On iPhone Causing Apps To Stop Working

Developers of apps on the App Store worked out a way of stopping users from running cracked apps on their device but now the developer of the LockDown app on the Cydia store has stopped the application from running, if you’re blocking AdMob ad’s on the iPhone. Using the app AdMob BeGone on the device stops the app from running and requires you to remove it before it will work again.

It makes sense as LockDown is a free app from Cydia and so they rely on donations and Ad’s but will this be the beginning of all app’s doing this, or just a select few like cracked apps?