Vodafone UK To Offer iPhone January 14th

Orange & Tesco Mobile are soon to be joined by Vodafone as one the iPhone carriers in the UK. They have announced that the iPhone will be on their networking starting January 14th.

The plans start at £30 a month for 24 months, with additional handset charges ranging from £59 (iPhone 3G 8GB) to £239 (3GS 32GB). However, if you sign onto a £35 a month contract for 24 months the 8GB iPhone 3G is free.

Unlike Orange, O2 and Tesco Mobile; Vodafone don’t appear to be offering a Pay As You Go option for its customers.

There has been some concerns whether or not the network would be able to handle the major increase in traffic, but Guy Laurence, chief executive of Vodafone UK, says the company has been preparing for the launch for over a year, strengthening their infrastructure for the release.


Evidence of iPhone OS 4.0 Found In Pinch Media Analytics

We recently saw evidence that the iPhone OS 4.0 is in testing, as shown by web site logs. However this week the newOSseems to be undergoing more testing, as one iPhone developer has since noted a single instance of the iPhone OS 4.0 being used in their Pinch Media Analytics.

The testing may correspond with reports of the new iPhone 4G being tested. Apple is expected to release this new hardware in the late summer months of 2010.

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