R5 Release Dates (January 2010 – May 2010)

Check the R5 Release Dates page for the latest release dates. (Dates go up to December 2010)

January 2010
The Soloist – January 12th 2010
Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard – January 14th 2010
Avatar – January 14th 2010
Shrink – January 21st 2010
The Final Destination – January 26th 2010
Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball – January 26th 2010
City Island – January 26th 2010
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – January 28th 2010
The Stepfather – January 28th 2010
This Is It – January 2010

February 2010
The Informant!  – February 2nd 2010
500 Days of Summer – February 4th 2010
Whiteout – February 9th 2010
The Time Traveler’s Wife – February 9th 2010
Couples Retreat – February 11th 2010
The Invention of Lying – February 16th 2010
The Informant! – February 16th 2010 (Second Date)
Amelia – February 18th 2010
Into the Blue 2: The Reef – February 18th 2010
Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead – February 18th 2010
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant – February 23rd 2010
The Blind Side – February 23rd 2010
Tooth Fairy – February 25th 2010 (Second Date)

March 2010
Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove – March 2nd 2010
A Christmas Carol – March 4th 2010
The Invention Of Lying – March 2nd 2010 (Second Date)
Fantastic Mr. Fox – March 4th 2010
The Marine 2 – March 4th 2010
Ninja Assassin – March 9th 2010
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – March 11th 2010
Where the Wild Things Are – March 23rd 2010
Surviving Evil – March 25th 2010
The Cabin in the Woods  – March 25th 2010
Sherlock Holmes – March 30th 2010
The Wolfman – March 2010

April 2010
Paranormal Activity – April 6th 2010
Fantastic Mr. Fox – April 14th 2010 (Second Date)
It’s Complicated – April 20th 2010
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – April 25th 2010 (Second Date)

May 2010
Preacher’s Kid – May 4th 2010
Date Night – May 6th 2010
Valentine’s Day – May 15th 2010
Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps – May 20th 2010

For the rest of the dates go to http://tinyurl.com/r5dates

Updated: 30th December 2009

Note: not all dates are 100% accurate and are likely to vary, please keep checking back for updated release dates.


7 inch Apple Tablet is Being Announced in January?

A source has told BGR that they have solid info about Apple’s upcoming tablet. It has been widely reported recentlythat the size of the tablet is 10 inches but the source, who is very connected, says there is also a 7 inch model.
There connection said there is definitely a 7 inch Apple Tablet, that will be announced in January. There might be a 10 inch model too but there source had no information on that.

The Financial Times also believes the announcement for the Apple Tablet will come in January. The WSJ points to a March release date.

Vodafone UK To Offer iPhone January 14th

Orange & Tesco Mobile are soon to be joined by Vodafone as one the iPhone carriers in the UK. They have announced that the iPhone will be on their networking starting January 14th.

The plans start at £30 a month for 24 months, with additional handset charges ranging from £59 (iPhone 3G 8GB) to £239 (3GS 32GB). However, if you sign onto a £35 a month contract for 24 months the 8GB iPhone 3G is free.

Unlike Orange, O2 and Tesco Mobile; Vodafone don’t appear to be offering a Pay As You Go option for its customers.

There has been some concerns whether or not the network would be able to handle the major increase in traffic, but Guy Laurence, chief executive of Vodafone UK, says the company has been preparing for the launch for over a year, strengthening their infrastructure for the release.

Evidence of iPhone OS 4.0 Found In Pinch Media Analytics

We recently saw evidence that the iPhone OS 4.0 is in testing, as shown by web site logs. However this week the newOSseems to be undergoing more testing, as one iPhone developer has since noted a single instance of the iPhone OS 4.0 being used in their Pinch Media Analytics.

The testing may correspond with reports of the new iPhone 4G being tested. Apple is expected to release this new hardware in the late summer months of 2010.

Apple To Announce New iPhone At The End Of June?
Apple Testing iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0

Apple To Announce New iPhone At The End Of June?

AppleInsider have noticed that The Moscone Center Calendar lists a “Corporate Event” from June 28th to July 2nd2010. Previous Apple events have been listed in the same name and the conference is usually used to introduce new iPhone models.

If the new iPhone is released in June/July then it would keep to the usual iPhone release cycle and would seem to fit the same release pattern of when the new iPhone model is tested. As the iPhone 3GS was tested 8 months prior to release and a reference to the iPhone3,1 has been found recently so this would fit the same pattern.

Apple Testing iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0
iPhone 4G Coming Next Year?
iPhone 3,1 In Testing?

N64 Emulator Released For iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 3G

ZodTTD today released his N64 emulator for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G, a while before expected. A 14-year-old developer had begun work on a N64 emulator, slated for release in Spring but ZodTTD beat him to it.

It is a port of mupen64plus along with Ari64’s ARM Dynarec, and Adventus / Orkin’s OpenGLES GPU. Since the graphics processing unit (GPU) code is written with the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification, it limits the devices able to be used to the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 3rd Gen as of the current Apple lineup.

The current version sports:

  • Support for the Wii Remote via Bluetooth;
  • Emulation dynarec fast CPU;
  • Emulation of sound;
  • Download the ROM of games from the same;
  • Using Open GL libraries | ES 2.0;
  • Supports ROM:. N64 and. Z64 and archives. Zip and. Gz

n64iPhone is available now from Cydia.

N64 iPhone Emulator Coming in Spring 2010

Apple Testing iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0

It’s possible that Apple could be testing the iPhone OS version 3.1.3 and version 4.0, which we assume would run on the new iPhone3,1 device being currently tested. The rumours have come from server logs showing the new versions of the OS.

The BoyGeniusReport found evidence of two new user agents in their log files. The first, iPhone OS 3.1.3 would be a minor bug fix. The second, iPhone OS 4.0 would be a significant upgrade to the operating system.

The user agents could be faked, but it’s likely by now that Apple are testing these versions of the OS.

iPhone 4G Coming Next Year?
iPhone 3,1 In Testing?

iPhone 4G Coming Next Year?

Recently we have had news of the ‘iPhone3,1’ being spotted in logs hinting towards an upcoming iPhone release but Eldar Murtazin, editor in chief of Mobile Review has recently tweeted:

“Foxconn received order for next generation iphone”

Fozconn work for Apple on iPods, Macs and iPhones and so if Apple keep to their mid-year cycle, then we should be seeing a new iPhone model next year which will be a major jump. Nothing else is really known yet but over the next few months we should find out more about the mysterious device.

iPhone 3GS Coming To Tesco Mobile December 14th

As I spoke about before, Tesco said how they were hoping to release the iPhone 3GS before Christmas. Now the date has been set for December 14th, just in time for Christmas. Tesco gave some further details on their offerings of the iPhone. It has free unlimited 3G (fair use policy applies) and BT Openzone WiFi access, which is free for a year to Pay As You Go customers and for the life of your contract if your on Pay Monthly, the same as O2 offers.

The cheapest contract is £20 per month for their one-year contract, but that gets you only £60 calls and texts allowance and you have to pay £320 for the 16GB device itself. They also offer an unlimited calls and texts plan for £60 per month, cheaper than what Orange offer. Last of all they offer half-price calling to your favourite five numbers. The Pay As You Go costs will be the same as what O2 and Orange offer.

N64 iPhone Emulator Coming in Spring 2010

A N64 Emulator is the works for the iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touch. The emulator called 3G4 has been created by a 14-year-old boy. This could be the first native N64 emulator for the iPhone, however ZodTTD has been working on an emulator for some time, but unfortunately we haven’t heard any news in a long time.

There are of course the usual problems with any project in development such as “duplicate button registers, delay of presses, and crashes when heavy gameplay occurs. ”

The emulator has an expected release of Spring 2010, according to the developer.