Apple Patents Object & Face Recognition

Systems and methods for identifying objects and providing information related to identified objects (# 20090175499)

Object Recognition

This patent filed by Apple shows a technology that would allow the user to point the iPhone’s camera at an object. The software would then recognize what the object is, then provide relevant additional information about it. The methods for recognition would be either image or camera recognition technologies, Barcode scanning, RFID tags or other similar technologies. Different modes could also be set up so that the recognition process would be easier based upon where you are such as a restaurant, museum etc.

Personal computing device control using face detection and recognition (#20090175509)

Facial Recognition

This patent describes the various techniques that Apple might use to the the iPhone the ability to recognize faces of which the camera is pointed at. If these methods are implemented, the facial recognition could add another layer of security to the phone by only allowing use by certain people or deciding whether or not to put the device to sleep.


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