iPhone Battery & Heat Problems

Multiple cases of iPhone’s overheating and the battery of the phone quickly depleting have been causing iPhone users Apple iPhone 3G WWDC 2009problems recently. Most believe it’s down to the software, the 3.0 firmware that Apple released a few weeks ago as it only seems now that users are having these problems.

Apple blame the overheating on the hot weather and are blaming people for leaving there iPhone’s in hot places but the battery issues must be in some way connected to the new firmware as I experienced today.

My iPhone 3G which used to run 2.2.1 would run under moderate use each day without getting into the 20% battery area, with heavy usage it would get down quicker and I would have to charge. But today whilst at a friends house I decided to do some live streaming using Qik, however after about 10 minutes I noticed that my iPhone had heated up considerably and the battery had lost maybe 30/40% of it’s charge. Now I know for a fact this isn’t usual as I’ve used Qik before and the phone didn’t have the same problems using 2.2.1.

It seems that there must be something not quite right with the 3.0 firmware which is causing maybe the CPU to be overused, causing the phone to heat up or something in some setting which isn’t coded properly and causing these problems.

I’d be interested to try out the 3.1 Beta to see if it had the same issues, however I’m not currently a developer so can’t try it but if anyone has tried it leave a comment about if you experience the same issues.

3rd Generation iPod Touch Found in Online Logs

The same way that the iPhone 3GS came to light, there’s now online logs of a new 3rd Gen iPod Touch device being usiPod Touched recently. Analytics firm Pinch Media, which spotted the iPhone 3GS online last year, now says’s it’s been seeing the device string (iPod 3,1) for the new iPod multiple times since April of this year.

The usage pattern shows that Apple are testing the new iPod Touch to ensure there are no major flaws before the device goes live, which is presumed to be in September.

Signs of the string iPod 3,1 were first seen in early iPhone 3.0 beta firmware, the hardware ID was shown alongside present and unreleased Apple handhelds, at the time. As with the iPhone 3GS, Apple’s naming scheme seems to show that this will be a substantial update, camera perhaps? The first number of the string always refers to a major generation leap whilst the second refers to less substantial updates. The current iPod Touch is listed as iPod 2,1,

Trying to determine the release date based on this data is difficult as the iPhone 3GS was seen 8 months before its release however there is a lot more things to test in a phone, therefore making it more likely the release will be in September, as the iPod Touch has always been updated in a special music themed event held in September.