iPod Touch 3.0 Free Upgrade

For all you out there who think it’s unfair that iPod Touch users have to pay $10/£5.99 for an upgrade which iPhone users iPod Touchget for free and the only reason Apple charge is to do with accounting, I’m offering you a free upgrade to 3.0. Just download the restore file from the link below and press Ctrl and Restore and choose the downloaded file.
I hold no responsibility for the file and you use it at your own risk, enjoy 3.0!

Download 3.0 Free Upgrade

2 Responses to iPod Touch 3.0 Free Upgrade

  1. Ian Moreno says:

    I need to know something.: Whats the diference between this upgrade and the one that has apple!??
    using this is not jailbraking the itouch right?
    Plase answere!

    • sbraidley says:

      No this is just the firmware you download from Apple. This isn’t jailbreaking the device that requires you to use other tools. This is just the normal 3.0 upgrade.

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