O2 Announce Price’s For iPhone 3G S

The UK iPhone provider O2, have announced the prices for the new iPhone 3G S. Here’s the break down:Apple iPhone 3G WWDC 2009

Pay As You Go:

  • iPhone 3G 8GB – £342.50
  • iPhone 3G S 16GB – £440.40
  • iPhone 3G S 32GB – £538.30

The iPhone 3G 8GB remains the same price as it was before on Pay As You Go, all iPhones on PAYG come with 12 months of free unlimited data.

Pay Monthly:

O2 Pay Monthly Prices

The iPhone 3G 8GB remains at the same price as before.

If you need business plans look here and if you need corporate plans go here.


Jailbreak For iPhone OS 3.0 Due Soon

Now that Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0, The Dev-Team can now release the jailbrake for the new firmware. There is Jailbrakealready a jailbrake for the beta’s of the new firmware but it’s not advised you use it, as it could have cause some problems.

The release is said to be shortly after the release of the firmware so keep your eyes on here and I will post when it’s been released with download links.

Just a note to those who jailbrake not all the Cydia/Icy app’s will work on 3.0 yet so don’t expect all of them to work straight away.

Also on friday, the Dev-Team will be releasing ultrasn0w which will allow you to unlock the new firmware.

iPhone OS 3.0 is Out Now!

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

For all those who haven’t been sitting constantly clicking the update button in iTunes, waiting for the new update or been complaining on Twitter how it was 5 minutes late, then to let you know the OS 3.0 firmware for iPod Touch and iPhone is out.

iPhone 1G – Download
iPhone 3G – Download

If your in the UK like me then you must update certain settings once you have upgraded to ensure your internet works and MMS.

These are for Pay As You Go Customers, for Pay Montly or other go here.

  • First change your APN from idata.o2.co.uk and enter payandgo.o2.co.uk (Passwords and username remain the same)
  • Repeat for MMS settings.
  • Turn the phone off, and then back on.
  • Send a text saying ‘MMS’ to 1010, once O2 has set up MMS for your account a MMS will be sent to you.