iPhone Idea: Audio Surf iPhone

Audio Surf is a Windows game that makes completely unique levels for the user. Using music on the players computer it analyzes it and creates the track accordingly giving it endless possibilities. It would however only work using iPhone OS 3.0 as it would need access to the users iPod Music and using the improved graphics chip, could give some amazing graphics.

Audio Surf iPhone

To control the game you would tilt the device, using the accelerometer to control the ship. You could challenge friends using the notification system and submit scores to online leadboards. This game would work great on the new iPhone OS, just hope someone makes it.


Jailbrakers Should Wait To Install iPhone OS 3.0

JailbrakeAs a jailbraker myself, although upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0 on Wenesday might seem like a great thing to do just wait until the Dev-Team have sorted out a jailbrake even though I doubt it will be long as they have a jailbrake for the Beta firmware.

Best idea is wait till the Dev-Team have released the jailbrake and then update to the new iTunes and install the new firmware.

iPhone 3G S Firmware is Already Available

iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

The new 3.0 firmware for the new iPhone 3G S, due for release on the 19th June, has already been put up on the Apple servers for download.

The download is avliable at: iPhone2, 1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw but for now it’s useless as it can only be installed on the iPhone 3G S.

However if we look at the name iPhone2,1 it leads me to believe maybe a new iPhone is being planned. As some hackers have found references to iPhone3,1 in the firmware so whats being planned Apple?