iPhone/iPod Touch File As a USB Drive Without Jailbraking

If you want to edit or view files on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you used to have to Jailbrake the device and install Disk AidOpenSSH and access the files wirelessly,  but now there is a way to access the file system without having to jailbrake.
It doesn’t give you as much power as using OpenSSH but allows you to copy and paste things to and from your device.

DiskAid is a freeware application for Windows & Mac OS X, it supports both gen iPhones and both gen iPod Touchs. It will automatically detect your device, just plug in and go. It’s as simple as drag and droping the files. And it supports Firmware 1.1.1 to 2.2.

DiskAid Download Page


2 thoughts on “iPhone/iPod Touch File As a USB Drive Without Jailbraking

  1. This application is NOT freeware as claimed, also the download link is error 404 (not found). Finally, the claim “like a USB drive” is misleading.

    1. The software was free at the time of publishing the article, that is fault of the software vendor and is not an issue caused by me. And the title says you can use the iDevice as a USB Drive without using a jailbreak this is what it does, it allows you to copy and view files off the device.

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