Mac OS X 10.6.2 Developer Build Fixes Atom Support

The latest developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.2 fixes support for the Intel Atom chip which was previously disbaled as anIntel Atom attempt to stop people loading their operating system onto hardware which it wasn’t intended for.

The update reportedly contains fixes for AirPort performance issues on newly released iMacs and “resolves a problem with plugging and unplugging to an Apple TV,” whatever that might mean. There’s fixes for VMWare, USB, Apple Filing Protocol, and tweaks to nearly 150 OS X components, including AppleBacklight, Battery Menu, Dictionary, Expose, FileSync, Family Controls, Fonts, Front Row, HFS, Inkwell, iPhoto, MobileMe, OpenCL, Parental Controls, QuickTime, Screen Sharing, Spell Checker, Spotlight, and Time Machine.

The final release is expected to be rolled out sometime in November.

Hopefully this will mean that Apple have changed their mind and will be allowing Intel Atom support again or that someone will manage to work out how to apply this to the final release if need be, so that the hackintosh community can continue.

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