Apple Tablet (iPAD) Pictures Leaked

Yet more pictures of Apple’s rumoured tablet have appear online, once again they look quite convincing but you can never really tell these days. But using video as they did to try and prove the new 3rd generation iPod Touch is a good way to prove it.

Apple iPAD Leaked

Apple iPAD Leaked 2

The second picture shows a phone to show both the size comparison and to try and prove its authenticity. It certainly fits the idea of an Apple tablet, with only one button, but we will have to see what else appears.


2 thoughts on “Apple Tablet (iPAD) Pictures Leaked

  1. Lots of of bloggers are not very pleased with the new iPad.There was just too much hype regarding it and lots of people got turned off.Thing is, I actually see great deal of the cool potential of the gizmo. Third-party soft for playing tunes, games, newspapers and magazines and FFS books, all kinds of neat stuff, but they failed to sell it very well (excluding the books). It smells sort of incomplete

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