Redsn0w Beta Released!

JailbrakeIf your like many 2nd gen iPod Touch owners, you’ve been wanting to jailbrake your device for a long time now. There have been ways but they either cost money, or were not mainstream user friendly. The Dev-Team have finally released the beta of Redsn0w which is set to simplify the process.

Redsn0w is currently in beta because it relies on the user running it from the command line, but the code is being added to a GUI which is set to be realsed soon, so for those who don’t trust themselfs with command lines, wait till the release of the GUI soon.

Head over to the to grab the beta.



As you may have realised I have updated the blog recently, this is because I have all my exams coming up in the next few weeks and so need to spend a lot of time revising for the tests, so over the next few weeks updates will be less but will pick up after the exams are over.

Thank you for your understanding & keep tuned!