iTunes Release Dates – March 2020 (US)

The Jesus Rolls – Friday 6th March 2020
Becoming – Friday 6th March 2020
Escape from Pretoria – Friday 6th March 2020
Final Kill – Friday 6th March 2020
Run This Town – Friday 6th March 2020
The Dark Red – Friday 6th March 2020
Henri Dauman: Looking Up – Friday 6th March 2020
Only – Friday 6th March 2020
Same God – Monday 9th March 2020
Too Beautiful: Our Right to Fight – Monday 9th March 2020
1917 – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Little Women – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Spies in Disguise – Tuesday 10th March 2020
The Grudge – Tuesday 10th March 2020
Cats – Monday 16th March 2020
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Tuesday 17th March 2020
The Current War (Director’s Cut) – Tuesday 17th March 2020
Clemency – Monday 23rd March 2020
Dolittle – Tuesday 24th March 2020
Just Mercy – Tuesday 24th March 2020

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