BluRay Release Dates – July 2018 (US)

June 22, 2018

Blockers – 3rd July 2018
Beirut – 3rd July 2018
6 Days in Entebbe -3rd July 2018
Finding Your Feet – 3rd July 2018
Journey’s End – 3rd July 2018
Ismael’s Ghosts – 3rd July 2018
Another WolfCop – 3rd July 2018
Borg vs. McEnroe – 3rd July 2018
The Cured – 3rd July 2018
The Female Brain – 3rd July 2018
Where is Kyra? – 3rd July 2018
A Quiet Place – 10th July 2018
Chappaquiddick– 10th July 2018
The Leisure Seeker – 10th July 2018
Lean on Pete – 10th July 2018
211 – 10th July 2018
Future World – 10th July 2018
Rampage – 17th July 2018
I Feel Pretty – 17th July 2018
Truth of Date – 17th July 2018
Isle of Dogs – 17th July 2018
Super Troopers 2 – 17th July 2018
Traffik – 17th July 2018
Disobedience – 17th July 2018
You Were Never Really Here – 17th July 2018
Ready Player One – 24th July 2018
Operation Red Sea – 24th July 2018
The Con is On – 24th July 2018
Tully – 31st July 2018
Final Portrait– 31st July 2018
Counterpart– 31st July 2018
Dark Crimes– 31st July 2018
LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis– 31st July 2018


iTunes Release Dates – June 2018 (US)

May 21, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time – 5th June 2018
Devil’s Gate – 5th June 2018
Pacific Rim Uprising – 5th June 2018
Flower – 5th June 2018
Sherlock Gnomes – 5th June 2018
Midnight Sun – 5th June 2018
The Death of Stalin – 8th June 2018
Loveless – 12th June 2018
Paul, Apostle of Christ – 12th June 2018
Double Lover – 19th June 2018
In Darkness – 26th June 2018
The Endless – 26th June 2018
Gemini – June 2018

BluRay Release Dates – June 2018 (US)

May 21, 2018

A Wrinkle in Time – 5th June 2018
Death Wish
– 5th June 2018
The Hurricane Heist– 5th June 2018
Every Day– 5th June 2018
Gringo – 5th June 2018
Thoroughbreds – 5th June 2018
Delirium – 5th June 2018
Devil’s Gate – 5th June 2018
Freak Show – 5th June 2018
Life in 12 Bars – 8th June 2018
I Can Only Imagine – 12th June 2018
Tomb Raider – 12th June 2018
Sherlock Gnomes – 12th June 2018
Love, Simon – 12th June 2018
The Strangers: Prey at Night – 12th June 2018
Loveless – 12th June 2018
An Ordinary Man – 12th June 2018
Power – 12th June 2018
The Humanity Bureau – 12th June 2018
Pacific Rim Uprising
– 19th June 2018
Paul, Apostle of Christ – 19th June 2018
Midnight Sun – 19th June 2018
The Death of Stalin – 19th June 2018
Unsane – 19th June 2018
Flower – 19th June 2018
Double Lover – 19th June 2018
The Swap – 19th June 2018
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony – 26th June 2018
The Endless 
– 26th June 2018
Gemini – 26th June 2018
In Darkness – 26th June 2018
Spinning Man – 26th June 2018
Terminal – 26th June 2018

How To: Fix LMZA Error: Compressed Data is Corrupt

May 8, 2018

As far as Linux has come over the past few years, there are still the odd issues you might come across, one of which is whilst running updates, you may sometimes get support updates. If you find yourself with the following error or something similar then this quick how to may help you.

First of all in the terminal you will receive an error which tells you which software update has corrupted, make a note of this name as you will need it.

Then in the terminal enter the following commands:

  1. cd /var/cache/apt/archives
  2. sudo rm name_of_corrupt_file.deb
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get upgrade

Apple Causing iPhone Performance Slowdown

December 19, 2017

As an avid Apple user, I run an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro as part of my daily workflow. It always seems widely reported with every new iteration of the operating system, especially for mobile devices, that battery life suffers. In a sense this makes perfect sense, new features are added with every major iOS release milestone and these are aimed at the latest hardware and so cause performance degradation on older supported iOS devices as the new features aren’t always aimed at the hardware of older devices.

However, after upgrading to iOS 11 after much hesitation, I noticed that on my iPhone 6s that the battery life suffered from it’s usual 10% per hour usage to closer to 20% per hour. The bigger issue seemed to be performance, opening apps, taking photos and doing usual everyday tasks took seconds longer than usual. I didn’t feel that the iOS 11 update should cause such a huge performance degradation on a 2 year old device, so I looked into Geekbench results and found similar issues to those pointed out by John Poole. The following Geekbench results are from the same iPhone 6s, about 2 years apart.

As you can see there is a 1072 score drop in single core and 2019 score drop in multi core results for the same device. The reason for this, according to other reports, is that Apple is throttling the CPU cores within the iPhone due to battery life degradation. This is the results of a device at 74% of it’s original battery capacity and 517 cycle counts. Due to the throttling introduced by Apple, the performance of a £630 device has halved in the space of a year as this device was already replaced due to the random shutdown issue. In order to fix the performance degradation introduced by Apple it costs the user £79 to get the battery replaced by Apple directly, which seems unreasonable for a device that was only manufactured a year ago.

Update: Apple has responded to the issue by offering an iOS update in early 2018 that will offer users more visibility into battery life and see how it’s affecting performance. Apple has also lowered the price of out-of-warranty battery replacement for iPhone to $29/£25 respectively for anyone with an iPhone 6 onwards.

How To: Get Netflix Picture in Picture Mode on Pre-iOS 9.3.2 Devices

June 14, 2016

After Apple announced Picture in Picture mode for iOS in iOS 9, it has become a extremely useful feature for those who like to multitask as they work on their iOS device. Most entertainment apps finally caught up over the following months by adding PiP support to their apps, however Netflix still didn’t offer this feature, albeit more difficult as they weren’t using the stock iOS video player. This all changed today when Netflix announced their latest app update with the addition of PiP but only for devices running the latest 9.3.2 firmware. Knowing that the PiP APIs were introduced back in 9.0, I decided to take a look and see if this version restriction can be bypassed and it can for anyone running a jailbroken device.
Netflix iOS

If you are running a jailbroken device then following these instructions should enable the feature for you without any issues, however as always follow the instructions carefully and any damage caused is entirely your responsibility. This has only been tested on iOS 9.1, but should work on any 9.x firmware.

  1. Install OpenSSH or MTerminal
  2. Log in or SSH into your iOS device as root (default password is alpine)
  3. If you are planning to keep OpenSSH installed on your device then please change your root password, instructions on how to do so can be found here.
  4. Navigate to the following directory: /System/Library/CoreServices/
  5. If you are using SSH then use your preferred editor to open SystemVersion.plist, I used nano to edit the file.
  6. If you are using MTerminal then you will need to install your preferred editor on Cydia.
  7. Open the file and navigate down to the ProductBuildVersion key and change the string value to 13F72.
  8. Go down to the Product Version key and change the string value to 9.3.2, as shown below.
    Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 20.08.12
  9. Now save and exit out of the editor, uninstall OpenSSH if you don’t plan on using it again. (Note: if you are using Pangu 9.0.x Untether then it will try to uninstall this when using Cydia as it thinks the system version is in fact 9.3.2 and therefore unsupported)
  10. Reboot your device, it will appear as if you have upgraded your device and ask you to log into iCloud, however everything is still in tact and you are still running the original version of the OS.
  11. Ensure you are on the latest version of the Netflix app and choose a title to watch, press the home button and now you should have a PiP view of the title.

PiP Mode on iOS 9.1



How To: Hack Blackboard to Show Your Grades

June 7, 2016

blackboard-newAlthough Blackboard the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is known for it’s bugs here and there, one that is either down to user error or an issue with the platform is the My Grades tab disappearing from module shells, this simple hack has come in very useful in the past as it allows you to check your grades as long as they have been published without waiting for the My Grades tab to be enabled. There are valid reasons why this tab will sometimes be hidden, such as marks not being moderated and finalised at board level, depending on the level of education.

To access the My Grades tab for any module it is a simple task of URL manipulation, below is the usual format for the My Grades tab, however do note that it varies based on institution.

The two parts that need changing are presented in bold, the first being the institution domain and the second is the course ID, this will be different to the course code but can be found by navigating to the shell for the module you want to get the grades of, you then enter the course ID into the URL and the My Grades page will be shown.

If you know the My Grades tab should be visible, then inform your lecturer of this as it is usually just down to user error that it is not shown at the right time.