How To: Disable iPhone Balance Notifications

iPhone balance notifications are probably the only downside to having an iPhone on Pay As You Go, every time you send a message, make a phone call or use data without having a data package in place, you will have to dismiss your balance every time. It may be nice to sometimes see your balance, but if you send a lot of SMS messages like me then it soon gets frustrating.

I decided to research the subject a few months ago to see if there was any way of removing it, a few threads on some forums but no conclusive answer. I got in touch with O2 to get it removed but back then they told me that you couldn’t remove it. There was nothing in Cydia to get rid of it either. But yesterday I got in touch with O2 again, after reading that the carrier can turn it off at their end and I woke up this morning without having to see the balance notification screen. So to remove the balance screen just get in touch with your carrier, whether it be O2 or any other carrier worldwide and they should be able to disable it for you. I hope this has helped and leave your success stories in the comments.

6 thoughts on “How To: Disable iPhone Balance Notifications

  1. I thought this would be a simple change in settings, but this confirms I need to contact o2. Thanks.

  2. Well you cant turn off balance notification without changing operator settings on the operator website or some other way. However, if this was leading to battery drain, as in my phone – where the pop-up flashed and didnt go away on its own – and i was able to fix that quite easily by updating to the latest version and keeping factory settings. It no longer shows up forever in lock screen forever and can be dismissed once you unlock. But that was a dumb way to fix it though it worked.

    I guess the reason was some display timmer setting for messages/pop-ups/auto lock.

    Dont have time right now to find out. But thought would post this…jic you get up in the morning an couple of hrs late…and no one is able to reach you on phone because the phone got switched off due to battery drain overnight.

    Apple folks, the boss was great man and would live forever in our hearts, and i am a great fan. Pop up control needs to be fixed for people like me who love gadgets more than anything but need to be able to count on their device. Always – even with their eyes closed. Let see if you can sort out the contractual crap with the operators and make the device fully reliable. Thats what apple stands for if u have some recollection.

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