White iPhone 4 Finally On Sale

The news has been floating around the internet for a few days now that the white iPhone 4, would finally go on sale and it’s now official. Vodafone UK among others are set to release the white iPhone 4 along with Apple themselves. The official Apple site got updated just after midnight to reflect the arrival of the white iPhone 4 model. Hopefully this also means that there will be no delay in the upcoming next generation white iPhone.

Possible Pictures of Next Gen iPhone Leaked in China

What we have here are said to be pictures of the upcoming next generation of iPhone, known to be either the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

These pictures have been posed by Chris Chang on the M.I.C Gadget website, the photo appears to be the next generation iPhone which will no doubt be powered by the same A5 CPU that is in the iPad 2. This may not actually be the final design for the next generation iPhone, which is rumored to hit stores in September, but could of be one of the many prototypes that will have been made. There was talk a few weeks back of a edge-to-edge display, so this seems to back up those rumors.

How To: Disable iPhone Balance Notifications

iPhone balance notifications are probably the only downside to having an iPhone on Pay As You Go, every time you send a message, make a phone call or use data without having a data package in place, you will have to dismiss your balance every time. It may be nice to sometimes see your balance, but if you send a lot of SMS messages like me then it soon gets frustrating.

I decided to research the subject a few months ago to see if there was any way of removing it, a few threads on some forums but no conclusive answer. I got in touch with O2 to get it removed but back then they told me that you couldn’t remove it. There was nothing in Cydia to get rid of it either. But yesterday I got in touch with O2 again, after reading that the carrier can turn it off at their end and I woke up this morning without having to see the balance notification screen. So to remove the balance screen just get in touch with your carrier, whether it be O2 or any other carrier worldwide and they should be able to disable it for you. I hope this has helped and leave your success stories in the comments.

A Little Update

You may have realized that over the past few months the blog has been pretty dead, this is due to a lot of different reasons but I’m going to start blogging frequently again, I’m not sure on the exact areas I will be blogging as it probably will expand from just Apple news. So expect to see more news and for those who visit the site for R5 release dates, those have finally been updated. The current list isn’t that bulked out yet, but I’m on the search for more dates so hopefully we will have a good healthy list again soon. Also I’m collecting dates for the other regions, I don’t have all the time in the world so if any of you readers have dates for any region then please send them over in an email, it’d be a great help to all of us.

I’d like to thank all my readers who visit the site everyday for staying with me, even when I haven’t been posting that much, it means a lot.
In other news, the blog has nearly hit 500,000 hits, and I think I’ll hit it even sooner now that I’m going to start blogging more again.

If you have any feedback or areas you want me to cover then leave a comment.