greenpois0n Jailbreak ETA Announced

A few minutes ago the Chronic Dev-Team announced that the greenpois0n jailbreak has an ETA of the 10/10/2010 at 10:10:10 GMT. This is going to be a huge relief to all those who accidentally updated their firmware or got an iPhone 4 after 4.0.2 had been pushed out, like me. The jailbreak will be available at the greenpois0n website.

One thought on “greenpois0n Jailbreak ETA Announced

  1. I’ve heard that iPhone 5 is coming out this summer time. If so, I’m planning to purchase it when I’m in USA (summer time), but can I obtain it in the unlock version then? In spite of the fact that it had a short while ago arrive out and therefor there are no unlock edition till incredibly late. And if I can acquire it (unlock edition), can I surf on the world wide web outside USA?

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