App Reviews, Video Reviews, Product Reviews & A Whole Lot More..

So a lot of you will have realised I haven’t been posting for the last month, this isn’t due to me being lazy it’s because I’ve been very busy, as always. But I’ve been coming up with new ways that I can interact with you, the reader; such as app reviews, video reviews and a lot more blog posts.

I endeavour to do 2 blog posts a day if not more, maybe an app review every 2 days and a video review once a week. The product review part might be products I’ve purchased or if someone has sent it in, a company has sent me a product for review and although they sent it a while ago I will be posting the review soon. Also any other companies who wish to send in a product feel free to get in touch.

I will hopefully be sorting out the blog and checking through everything too and might be setting up the blog on my new website too. So there’s a lot of things coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled and apologies once again for the lack of posts recently. Expect a lot more soon!


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