App Reviews, Video Reviews, Product Reviews & A Whole Lot More..

So a lot of you will have realised I haven’t been posting for the last month, this isn’t due to me being lazy it’s because I’ve been very busy, as always. But I’ve been coming up with new ways that I can interact with you, the reader; such as app reviews, video reviews and a lot more blog posts.

I endeavour to do 2 blog posts a day if not more, maybe an app review every 2 days and a video review once a week. The product review part might be products I’ve purchased or if someone has sent it in, a company has sent me a product for review and although they sent it a while ago I will be posting the review soon. Also any other companies who wish to send in a product feel free to get in touch.

I will hopefully be sorting out the blog and checking through everything too and might be setting up the blog on my new website too. So there’s a lot of things coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled and apologies once again for the lack of posts recently. Expect a lot more soon!


Lack of Posts

I would just like to take the time to apologise to my readers for not updating my blog since the iPad announcements, it’s not that I’ve stopped writing to my blog but the fact that I’ve been so busy with college work and designing a website for a organisation. I’ve had a week off from college but I’ve had very little time to post to my blog but now that I’ve finished the website and I won’t be getting as much college work I shuld be able to update the blog.

The updates probably won’t be always that frequent as I have to start revising for my May exams soon but I will still be updating the blog. I’m unsure if I should back log the news or not because this will take a long time but then again you will most likely know most of the news by now so there isn’t much point.

I also plan on start doing reviews of apps soon and had a review item sent in by a company which I’ve had for a long time now and just haven’t got round to reviewing it so expect that soon too. Also if your a company who wants me to write a review get in touch by going to the about page.

Thanks for your time and expect updates soon!