iPhone Headphone Problems

iPhone HeadphonesI’ve had my iPhone 3G for about 3/4 months with frequent use and my right headphone is starting to deteriorate, so I searched for a replacement pair from Apple, thinking that this problem was maybe caused by myself, however to my suprise the reviews on the Apple store page shows that everyone has this problem. Here’s just a few:

When I first got the phone the headphones were nice and loud, now after a few months they started to fade and get lower soundwise, and a few days ago the right ear completly stopped working.


I’ve had this headset with my iPhone for 6 months. Already after about 2 months the first problems started showing: Little digital clicks when you wear the phones and walk. The clicks got more and more frequent with time and use. After about 3 months the answer butten started getting dodgy, and now after 6 months it isn’t working at all.


So as the reviews show people are having numerous different problems with Apple’s iPhone headphones, most people after 4/6 months experience the right headphone to completely stop working, currently mine has just got really quite causing me to have to put my iPhone on full volume or use the left headphone.

Apple need to fix this problem as I don’t want to spend £19 every 3 months on a new pair of headphones, please Apple fix this otherwise I will just buy a more expensive pair of 3rd party headphones.


5 thoughts on “iPhone Headphone Problems

  1. Personally, I never used their original earpiece and always go for a 3rd party. Original OEM always doesn’t live up to it’s name.

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