New iPhone To Have iChat? [Updated: Fake]

June 7, 2009

iSpazio are showing pictures of the rumoured new iPhone Video using an iChat App.

iPhone iChat 1

This shows the frontal camera being used in what appears to be the Camera App showing the interface that has been leaked out by developers who found it in the new iPhone OS 3.0.

iPhone iChat 2

This shows a somewhat blurry picture of the new iPhone in a video call, it looks similar to video calling on other devices with a small image of you in the corner and them in the main screen similar to iChat.

This seems quite authentic as previous leaks have shown a frontal camera and that’s mainly what a frontal camera is used for.

UpdateGizmondo have done a side by side comparison of the leaked image and Skype and they match perfectly, however there still is a possibility of a frontal facing camera.

iPhone iChat Leak Fake


New iPhone Specs & Prices?

June 7, 2009

These pictures are from a Canadian store inventory. iSpazio got sent these pictures earlier.

Canada Store Leak 2

Canada Store Leak 1

These pictures show the following:

  • There are 2 Models: iPhone Video and iPhone Video iChat
  • The iPhone 3G 16GB being discontiuned as previously leaked.
  • Only the second model can videocall
  • 32 GB – 64 GB memory
  • The iPhone Video is in Black and White
  • The iPhone Video iChat is in various color: White , Black, Orange, Green with Flower, Yellow, Red.
  • The price for the iPhone Video is: $139 (32 GB) or $179 (64 GB)
  • The price for the iPhone Video iChat is: $179 (32 GB) or $199 (64 GB)

However no 16GB model, which leads me to believe these might not be authentic as all the leaks so far have shown a 16GB model.
Also the multiple different design choices, including flowers and fluffy bunnies just make this seem very fake as Apple likes to keep things simple and Apple have never used flowers or fluffy bunnies on their other devices.

New iPhone To Be Bi-Colour?

June 7, 2009

Pictures show that the new iPhone could in fact be two colours.

iPhone Bi-Colour

The speaker has been moved upwards, as other leaks have shown.

The design doesn’t look as nice as the other leaked designs but maybe there will be multiple variations of design?

iPhone Bi-Colour 2

These are two drawings that show the structure of the new iPhone.

These leaks seem to go along with that of the leak from the Canadian store inventory.

Is This The New iPhone?

June 6, 2009

A french blog has leaked these pictures out of what appear to be the new iPhone, to be released at WWDC on Monday.

New iPhone Back-Front

The new pictures seem to fit with the other leaked images and rumours of the new phones features.

iPhone Front LeakiPhone Back Leak

The model in the pictures is running is running iPhone OS 3.0. It shows what seems to be a front facing camera, perhaps video calling?
The matte back and black bezel which seems very consistent with the leaks and rumours so far.
Also it shows it’s a 16GB model, as all of the leaked images do.

As we are getting ever-closer to WWDC on Monday the leaks seem more consistent therefore I believe that maybe this is what we will see on Monday.

The New iPhone Will Have a 16GB Model

June 6, 2009

You may of heard about the takedown that sites have got about the leak of the 16GB model to become end of life, however New iPhone Back 1this won’t affect the new model it will just mean that they will stop selling 16GB iPhone 3G’s therefore doing this, the market will move onto the new model.

Also the new iPhone Back shows 16GB and so did the Carphone Wearhouse inventory placeholders, along with most of the leaked pictures.

New iPhone Back Listed For Sale?

June 5, 2009

The New iPhone back is listed by Luna Commerce, in it’s list of products.

It shows the matte back which most of the leaked images are showing.

The cover looks similar to the previous leak, this one has been pictured from both sides. The model number is listed as A1303.

New iPhone Back 1New iPhone Back 2

New iPhone To Be Called iPhone Video?

June 5, 2009

According to a anonymous tip, I assume from an AT&T worker, the new iPhone is said to be called the iPhone Video.
This could link back to the Carphone Warehouse’s Inventory holder which referenced the new phone as “iPhone32GbV3″ and iPhone 16GbV3″, I’m guessing the V would either stand for version or perhaps video.

iPhone Video
As with all leaks and tip offs take it with a pinch of salt as nothing is confirmed until Monday at WWDC.