Music Videos in UK Blocked. Here’s a Workaround!

YouTube LogoSo if your in the UK, like me then you know that YouTube don’t allow you to view official music videos anymore due to a debate over pay to the artists.

But there is a way round all this!

You could use a proxy, yes but there slow and fustrating so use this easy tip to view videos if there blocked in your region.

Simply change the url from<somecode&gt; to<somecode&gt;

And like that the video should play.


The Music Industry Isn’t All Evil

YouTube LogoIf your like many you use video sharing sites such as YouTube, to view your music videos online. However most of the time it’s through the official music label’s YouTube, as they remove most videos that users have uploaded off. However 99% of the time the user who uploaded it doesn’t get a say in things, YouTube will automatically take down the video once a claim is made.

But it’s not all like this. Some of you will have heard of You Me At Six, a rock band from Weybridge, Surrey.
With the upcoming release of their new single, Finders Keepers, many fans flocked to YouTube to try and find the music video. However for the first few days only bad quality TV recordings were available. However You Me At Six posted the official video to Myspace and so I took it from Myspace and put it up on YouTube, therefore becoming the first high quality version of the video.

After a few days the band put up the video on there channel and so messaged me to take it down, not just taking it down as other bands would. However I was reluctant seeing as on Bebo its had a total of 115,555 views and is on 881 profiles, so I added in the album & single pre-order links to my video to see if this would be okay.

However today I recieved an email from them saying:

Hi Sam,

Really sorry but the label are insisting that you take the video for Finders Keepers down as they really want people to view the video on our channel.

We would really appreciate it if you could help us out with this as its puts us in a difficult position.

Thanks for your help in promoting the video especially on bebo.  If you could direct anyone to the official video we would be eternally grateful!!

Thanks a lot


As a result I will be taking the video down as I’m a big fan and think that it’s fair that the original band should get credit for their video. But unlike other artists, You Me At Six understand that me uploading the video is promoting it whereas most artists believe it’s stealing from them.

Goes to show that not all of the music industry is evil.