R5 DVD Release Dates (April 2010 – September 2010)

Check the R5 Release Dates page for the latest release dates. (Dates go up to December 2010 and include Blu-Ray dates).

April 2010
Frozen – 1st April 2010
Brothers – 8th April 2010
Serious Moonlight – 8th April 2010
The Descent: Part 2 – 8th April 2010
The Bounty Hunter – 15th April 2010
Avatar – 22nd April 2010
The Boys Are Back – 22nd April 2010
The Crazies – 22nd April 2010
L’immortel – 29th April 2010
The Road – April 2010
Costa Rican Summer – April 2010
L’arnacoeur – April 2010
Dear John – April 2010

May 2010
Date Night – 13th May 2010
Greenberg – 13th May 2010
Extraordinary Mesaures – 13th May 2010
Kick-Ass – 13th May 2010
I Love You Phillip Morris – 13th May 2010
Valentine’s Day – 18th May 2010
The Blind Side – 18th May 2010
Alice in Wonderland – 25th May 2010
The Back-up Plan – 27th May 2010
In My Sleep – May 2010
Fish Tank – May 2010
Everybody’s Fine – May 2010

June 2010
Preacher’s Kid – 1st June 2010
Everybody’s Fine – 1st June 2010 (Second Date)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – 3rd June 2010
My Name Is Khan – 10th June 2010
Date Night – 10th June 2010 (Second Date)
When in Rome – 15th June 2010
Valentines Day – 15th June 2010 (Second Date)
The Wolfman – 22nd June 2010
The Book of Eli – 24th June 2010
Cop Out – June 2010
The Lovely Bones – June 2010
Invictus – June 2010

July 2010
Marmaduke – 1st July 2010
The A-Team – 8th July 2010
Clash of the Titans – July 2010
Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang – July 2010
Green Zone – July 2010
She’s Out of My League – July 2010
An Invisible Sign of My Own – July 2010

August 2010
Knight and Day – 5th August 2010
Predators – 12th August 2010
Unthinkable – 19th August 2010
A Nightmare on Elm Street – August 2010
Clash of the Titans – August 2010

September 2010
Barbie Fashion Fairytale – September 2010
Young Americans – September 2010
Robin Hood – September 2010
Sex and the City 2 – September 2010
13 – September 2010

Updated: 17th April 2010

For the rest of the dates go to http://tinyurl.com/r5dates

Note: not all dates are 100% accurate and are likely to vary, please keep checking back for updated release dates.


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UK iPad Launch To Be On April 24th?

The UK release date of the iPad is still not confirmed. Sources have pointed to an exact date of the 24th of April for the iPad to go on sale in the UK. Two different sources have both confirmed the date, one of them claiming to be an Apple employee. The other source says that Apple store staff are not allowed to take holiday on the 24th but they haven’t be told why. The same date has also been set for Canada also.

iPad Jailbroken & Cydia Running

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev-Team has revealed a video showing a successful jailbreak of the iPad. The new hack exploits a bug found on the 3.2 version of the iPad OS, however with the iPhone OS 4.0 being previewed on April 8th plans for a release of this jailbreak might be changed so that Apple can’t patch the bug. In a recent picture it shows Cydia running on the device.

Apple Sells 300,000+ iPads on Launch Day

On the iPad launch day over 300,000 iPads were sold. Also on launch day iPad users have downloaded over a million Apple iPadapps and over 250,000 eBooks from the iBookstore. Steve Jobs himself said that “iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”

The numbers go against certain Piper-Jaffray’s analytical predictions that called for up to 600,000 to 700,000 iPads to be sold on launch day.