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Much as with the Cycorder Repair Service that I offered for many years, data recovery is another area that I have personally needed over the years and a service that is usually highly overcharged commercially, when in reality it’s usually an unnecessary cost that once again I don’t think is fair or needed. So like with the Cycorder Repair Service, I want to provide an affordable service to help people, rather than simply make money.

Having delved into data recovery years ago and recently having been trained in data recovery and digital forensic techniques, I feel that now is the best time to start offering the service of Data Recovery. Due to time and shipping cost restrictions it would probably be best to limit the service to the UK only for now, however in future it may be possible to expand.

I’d work on a case by case basis for start as I want to put my skills to good use, however I will be able to give you a quote based on storage medium and size, for example a 1TB hard drive being recovered in full will cost more than a 500GB drive etc. I am able to recover any file types required, so if you only want pictures recovered from a drive then this will be an overall cheaper service than if you want every single file.

Recovered files will remain private with all data being transferred from the original media to the replacement media, which depending on requirements can be physical (CD/DVD/BluRay/HDD) or sent securely online using encrypted ZIP archives. The original media can then be returned to you or destroyed on your behalf. If you wish your recovered files to be sent via a physical media then this will be part of the service charge, however in most cases a secure online transfer would suffice.

If you have any devices that are near end of life, that you accidentally deleted files off, have accidentally formatted or just lost any data in anyway then feel free to get in touch for a no fuss discussion. Services will require a small deposit up front based on the recovery size.

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