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91 Responses to Discussion Page

  1. plantpot says:

    anyone know if fast and furious 8 will be out soon

  2. Alex Jones says:

    Belkin skips and freezes, they uploaded off a very bad disc. It jumps like 2 minutes ahead just at the beginning.

    • guy says:

      Shame really. Really bad encode of a really good source. The original seems to be a screener or workprint of some sort.
      People wanting to see this movie can keep their fingers crossed that a proper rip is made

    • JustMe says:

      Corrupted download or a bad upload on maybe then. On ET is a 100% working copy.

  3. adfsad says:

    on ET now!


  4. plantpot says:

    belko experiment has a stupid blur yet again and unknown and his noobs wanted 30 dollers and the cam of going in style has more movement … than a man with piles pmsl

  5. Alex Jones says:

    @justme link me to stream link (openload, vidup, videome, etc) of ET version of Belkin not the website itself.

  6. Alex Jones says:

    Whoever asked about Fast8, good chance it’s available tonight or tomorrow based on past releases in that series, quality likely won’t be great for 1st release.

  7. Majinman says:

    Why does belko have this blur continually?!?! Ive never seen this before im just wondering the reason for it…..Can anyone explain? Ive seen blurs to cover watermarks but never like this….

  8. Alex Jones says:

    Is Lost City out? Seems like US is getting a month later than the rest.

  9. Alex Jones says:

    Melonie Diaz is gorgeous but that movie was trash.

  10. dnnrgn says: F8 english with chinese subs….decent cam…starts off like it’s gonna be blurry but clears up in like 30 seconds…when they first talk, it’s spanish for a few seconds then goes english…must be a subbed part in english version so don’t freak lol

  11. dnnrgn says:

    p.s. give video time to load on that tonghuacun site…sometimes it takes a minute or two

  12. dnnrgn says:

    also if it won’t play in one browser try another

  13. spadger says:

    Jimmy,gary and rolf go to thailand in a canoe hdscrtscambrrip dirg 2017 on kat

  14. spadger says:

    The 2 same cunts who kept walking past the screen on boss baby obviously thought they was mega funny nobody pays to watch a film and keep getting up just did it purely to spoil the person doing the cams copy utter cunts.

  15. Alex Jones says:

    @guy I can’t find going in style. Thought you said this was out? Have you seen lost city?

    • dnnrgn says:

      no unfortunately…that cruncher guy ( or girl ) who posts on here every so often said early last week that Going in Style was vip on a site they used ( not the $30 one they said ), that it was english and that it would be public soon…haven’t heard from them since on here…bummer as I wanna see it too…only english copy around right now is $30 job…all else are russian still…Lost City of Z I can’t find anywhere…it too sounds good .. if I find either I’ll let you know on here

      • Alex Jones says:

        Thanks, Lost City is finally releasing in US after being available worldwide for a month or so. Should be available this weekend.

  16. plantpot says: might be slightly out did it with vlc was in a rush

  17. plantpot says:

    coz crusher is a friend of mine and not been well for a few days you should see it soon tbh

  18. YOYO says:

    be nice to see that vid

      • Alex Jones says:

        $30 fools copy can go to the dumpster like doggy said.

      • dnnrgn says:

        someone leaked the $30 copy which is even’s the same copy 😂

      • Alex Jones says:

        I thought that was a terrible copy with people standing in the way. Doggy is going to revoke all vip access lmao we’ll never get Sleight now.

      • dnnrgn says:

        I had heard someone downloaded it and it was the same copy however the MaTiNE screens above are not all crooked like this version so I think it is a different copy…we’ll know soon enough…you’re killin me btw.. i just told a friend of mine yesterday I wanted to see Sleight

      • Alex Jones says:

        Lol. @ the comments destroying ole grey beard. Hopefully they put doggy out of business. Glad someone leaked it, they shouldn’t be charging to begin with. I wish they’d get banned on here.

      • Mr.Grey says:

        @alex Oh no ;-( The stake! It’s wedged too deep! You realize if other groups go out of business just like mine, NoGrp isn’t gonna have anything to leak…. think about it. You might just have to wait till Halloween just to get your hands on a decent copy of Sleight.

      • Alex Jones says:

        Sleight was never coming from you doggie, we both know that mi g.

      • dnnrgn says:

        Mr. Grey .. $30 boy gave me free week vip..there was nothing on there at all at the time …last day vip, a movie pops up I wanted to see so I was like cool…grabbed it n it wouldn’t dl for 2 days … turns out cause I went off vip, he wouldn’t let me dl it n capped me at 1mb …wanted $30 even though I was still vip when I grabbed …total d-bag move…hope all his movies get leaked …btw, he talked crap on you cause you withheld audio n were talkin to del …I wouldn’t be quick to defend him if I were you

      • Alex Jones says:

        He really should be banned from here.

    • Kosher says:

      I don’t get you, people. You want to pay 30 bucks for shitty camera and average movie ticket is 8 bucks. Please go to the cinema in that case. Are you retarded or what?

  19. YOYO says:

    lol the going in style out is from UNKNOBBS place ie matine and some people paid $30 dollers for it and its unwatchable .. i would have gone straight to pay pal for a refund … scam artists pmsl

  20. Alex Jones says:

    Doggy, where’s your mentor? Pump4003 = outta business. Couldn’t fulfill the $30 orders. Charged not with copyright infringement but theft of service. Languishing in a Utah state penitentiary.

  21. dnnrgn says:

    anyone finds an english Unforgettable copy public or soon to be public plz let me know on here …thx

  22. dnnrgn says:

    Alex Jones …just so you know, you’re shooting the messenger lol …Mr. Grey is NOT Unknown …he just did ( does ? ) some work for him n hyped his site… if you re-read my post above, you’ll see I was telling him what was said about him by $30 boy ( Unknown )..Mr.Grey is actually not the bad guy here…yeah he likes to fight sometimes but he released most of his work publicly early which didn’t sit well with $30 boy…just figured you should know it wasn’t Grey that screwed me

  23. YOYO says:

    lets get it right you are at unknowns the scam man after seeing the latest cams and pimp must be in on it … as youve ripped enough people off lol with the shit you release … and wheres matine with the top cams NOT pmsl

  24. voka says:


  25. YOYO says:

    MR GREY you need to get away from rebels m8 you will have so much heat just my opinion

  26. Meme says:

    anyone know if theres a good cam of smurfs yet with good audio

  27. dnnrgn says:

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 opens a bunch of places this Friday the 27th …Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Spain etc (all cam hotspots) ..Mexico gets it in spanish and english early copy..fingers crossed

    • dnnrgn says:

      follow up.. China gets GOTG2 Friday also ( stream this weekend maybe?? ) ….Italy gets it tomorrow the 25th….man it would be nice to get it a week early lol ….also “The Circle” opens Russia, Italy and Portugal Friday 27th as well…Spain next Friday…should be a cam…hopefully someone gets english …an italian cam of it would be nice for syncin’

  28. voka says:


  29. leo_22 says:

    the secret scripture is on epidemz

  30. Alex Jones says:

    Looks like Doggy pulled out. After woofing on Cure, Belkin and Style, he finally took his laptop and went home. No sign of Lost City and Sleight has almost no chance. Doggy won’t however be able to do anything to block Circle, that one is coming.

  31. dnnrgn says: nice copy of Born in China…chinese subbed but spanish audio .. wonder if english audio is out there

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